Bonjour :)

Striped boat neckline top from Korea.
Cat eye sunglasses from Betsey Johnson. (But I bought them from Marshall's for a steal!)
Burnt red colored Van Cleef and Arpels studs. (Nope, sadly not the real thing.)

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous? Yes, I actually do speak French. I just thought this ensemble reminded me of Paris. Where is my baguette people?! The whole sailor stripe thing always comes in trend during the summer and I absolutely adore it! I threw my hair up in a bun, and let my bangs fall wherever. I dabbed my lips with a red lip tint. But for the full out Parisian look, a bold red lip is absolutely FAB. (Note to me for next time.) You guys should definitely try this look out! Until next time, au revoir!


let's go on a picnic type of outfit

I just came up with that title for this post because this outfit just makes me look like I'm gonna go bike to the park to eat a pb&j sandwich. On a red and white checkered blanket, of course. Oh, and don't forget the picnic basket! So I just think this outfit is the epitomy of summer.
Pink loose top from Korea. It was a total bargain..like 3 dollars I think!

Since the shirt is open-backed, I wore a bandeau to cover my bra. Because that would just be ew. And it was too hot for a tank top! This bandeau is from Hollister. It has really cute floral prints that matched with the pink.
High waisted shorts are a must!!! The ones i'm wearing are from Abercrombie & Fitch. They are dangerously short and they keep getting shorter after every wash because the thread loosens!

Some simple jewelry. Leaves bangle from Korea. Some random rings. Notice the french nail polish I did muhhself :)

Nude Oxford shoes. LOVE them!! Also from Korea.

Leather satchel. These are really coming back, I saw a really similar one in a J.Crew catalog that sells from $300. This one? Let's just say it was less than $5 from a thrift store. Cha-ching!

Yay for fadoras! From Forever21. Go get one.


A Stroll in the Old

Ahhh, I love summer. Today I went to an "old town" street. The small buildings are so cute and they house the cutest boutiques. I have got to say that antiques are something I don't think i'm ever gonna get into. The antique store has a distinct smell and although the items can be cute, there is an air of creepiness to them...you don't know who owned tht things how ever many years ago! I'm happy to say that cute household clutter from Marshall's is good to me. :P
Outfit: yellow knit crop top from H&M, coral mini skirt fromm korea, brown bag, brown strap sandals from GAP.

Here are some more pics I took:





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hey blog world :)

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