oh Mickey you're so fine

Hey guys!

T-shirt: Delia's, Shorts: Vintage Levi's, Blazer: H&M, Tights: Kohls, Boots: Frye, Hat: Korea

I usually never buy t-shirts with characters on them, but I got this one on a whim yesterday. I really like the "classic" Mickey because it kind of looks retro... I think! I love wearing this very casual, almost elementary tshirt with a mature and sleek black blazer. It's a good balance! It snowed quite a lot today, but it was not too cold so I didn't mind it. It was actually quite pretty! And my history unit test got pushed back one day. WHEWW, more time to study = less stress!

So, overall it was a good Monday.



Inner Nerd

Hello hello!!

Jean shirt: My dad's old one but surprisingly, it is Versace.

Coat: Gap
Yellow dress: Gap
Jean shirt: Vintage Versace
Scarf: H&M
Boots: Old Navy
Bag: Vintage
Watch: Target
Accessories: Forever21

I have been wearing these pearl earrings non stop!

Wow, this week went by fast. The homework load wasn't too bad... I took a test on the "Crucibles" and it was so hard. I'm kind of nervous to see what I got on it! 
This weekend, I'm going in to take a practice ACT test. I am not sure of what to expect and I don't even know if sacrificing 4 hours of my precious Saturday will be worth it! Hopefully it will be. I want to be as prepared as possible...or maybe it's just my Asian nerd surfacing. 

One thing I am looking forward to is a BP. Fashion Board meeting! I always get excited to meet up with the fashionista members. :)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!



red leopard

Hello everybody!

In this outfit I am wearing two of my current obsessions: black pants and a leopard clutch. I purchased both of these items recently. These black pants are perfect and I love how they are border line high waisted, stopping right before by belly button. And this leopard clutch I got from Express seriously adds so much to every outfit. I love carrying it and it's pretty spacious! Because I think red is made for leopard, I wore my thrifted red button up.

Sparkly oxfords = love!

I found this gold bracelet at an antique store. I think it is supposed to be linked angle wings... at least that what it looks like to me!

Leather jacket: Express
Blouse: Thrifted
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Pac Sun (gifted from bestie!)
clutch: Express
Bracelet: Vintage

I had the most relaxing, but boring day yesterday. It was MLK day so school was off! I literally stayed at home the whole entire day. Eating, blogging, YouTubing, catching up on Modern Family, sleeping, eating... I have not done that in such a long time! So waking up for school today was not the easiest. :P

Happy Tuesday! It feels like a Monday though... hope you had a nice weekend. 



it's cold but it's pretty

Hey everybody!

I hope your week went well!! My friend got an awesome new camera, one of those big professional Canon cameras. She invited me for a photo shoot on this very cute street filled with antique shops and cute boutiques. Here are some pictures!

Leather jacket: Express
Sweater: Gap
Shorts: Vintage Levi's
High knee socks: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: Super old!
Boots: Nine West
Leopard gloves: H&M
Clutch: Gap

I have been wearing this type of outfit so often lately. The shorts I have on were thrifted Levi's jeans and I cut them to make shorts! I wear these high knee socks over sheer tights. I was really excited about this clutch that I got from Gap. My favorite part of it is the huge fur tail on it. I think it is such a great accessory for the winter! 

I hope you guys like the high quality pictures and have a great weekend!



Jason Wu for Target Lookbook o_O

I logged onto Facebook and checked my notifications. I saw that my friend posted something on my timeline. (Still not totally sure about the new timeline...) She posted the link to the Jason Wu for Target Lookbook!!! I took a quick "homework break" to browse the whole collection. And now, I am blogging about it! So much for "quick." :P I am in love with the collection, which will be launching on February 5th. Can not wait. Here are my favorites:

This cat pattern is so grandma-esque. The whole collection has the granny feel, but in a good way.

A simple black clutch can never do any harm!

Love the feminine colors... The socks with heels is definitely trending in this collection.

This black pleated skirt looks like a great staple piece. Love this sleek outfit.

This is the dress that I am most excited for!!! I love the simplicity of it. The white, the A-line shape, and the touches of black. SO CHIC! This outfit reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Or a slim Parisian girl riding her bike with a baguette in her basket. 

Overall, the collection is very feminine and clean cut at the same time. Every design is quite simple, but the right texture or pattern adds the perfect amount of detail so that it is never near a bore. 

Jason Wu has done it again. 

Here is the link to the full lookbook:

Photos courtesy of the Huffington Post


trendy pals

Hey everybody! My first week of 2012 went by kind of slow, probably because of going back to school after winter break. Waking up early, barely eating breakfast, blah blah blah.

My new year's resolutions are being kept at the moment! I have not had a bite of chocolate, and I try to remind myself to stop slouching in class. How are your resolutions going?

On Liz
Thrifted lace top, burgundy pleather shorts from Forever21, shoes from Target, wide brim hat from Target, Vintage Coach purse

On Me:
Fur circle scarf from American Eagle (shout out to my friend who got it for me!), cropped sweater from Charlotte Russe, black dress (worn as skirt) from H&M, tights from Gap, socks from J. Crew, black shoes from Forever21, vintage coach purse. 

Meet my amazing/shopping/knitting/eating/thrifting buddy Liz! Isn't she so cute?! I love her style. It is the definition of a vintage obsessed girl with an effortless cool. She is half Chinese and half Swedish, and trust me she LOVES her Asian side. LOL. 

These are some pictures we took when we went shopping together last weekend. I think we spent over an hour inside of American Apparel, awing at their high waisted disco pants, to the velvet crop top. We love that store, but came out with our hands empty. We just go in there to get inspiration on what to look for on our next thrifting venture. Another OMG shopping moment was when we excitedly walked towards Urban Outfitters, and saw that they were having 50% off sale items!!! To totally shoot our pumped up shopping mood down, the store was closed because they were having sewage issues...  it literally smelled like decaying garbage within a 5 foot radius around the store. I hope the clothes aren't ruined by the stench! 

Anyways, I love letting you guys into my fashion obsessed life with my amazing friends. 



nice to meet you, 2012


Jeans: Ralph Lauren
Jacket: super old!
Boots: Banana Republic
Belt: Gap
Bag: Korea
Scarf: Burberry
Gloves: H&M

Wow, 2012 is here. I think it was last year that I really fell in LOVE with fashion. I started this blog and honestly it's a big part of my life now already! I really wanted to thank you guys for the amazing comments, I seriously look forward to reading them everyday after school. My style has definitely evolved and I take a lot more "risks" than I ever did before. Whenever I'm at school, someone will usually come up to me asking about my blog and fashion. I love that I'm connecting to others and I am so so so excited to see where blogging and fashion can take me in life!

New years resolutions: 
Eat less chocolate (my addiction to chocolate was getting out of hand)
Have better posture
20 sit ups a night

They are pretty easy. I decided to set very small, easily achievable goals so that I can actually stick to them!!   

Oh, and the world is nowhere near ending!!! 

xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxo ,

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