happy Easter

 white shirt, Vince____blazer vest, Nordstrom Rack____Skirt, muimui____Bag, Kate Spade____sneaker wedges, Tj Maxx____Necklace, Target

My weekend consisted of golf, a girl's night out with pizza and fro-yo, church, practicing how to parallel park (I'm taking my driver's license test soon!), and ordering a very exciting item that should be arriving in the mail sometime this week! I feel like the weeks literally zoom by, and it's crazy to think that spring break is next week. 

I'm now free from my no-chocolate or bread Lent sacrifice! But it's weird because now I don't even crave it that much anymore... all for the better, right?

Hope you all had a nice weekend, and happy Easter!

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rainy day

 Trench coat, Gap____Green sweater, Forever21____Denim circle skirt, American Apparel____Boots, Banana Republic____Knee High Socks, tj Maxx____Bag, Vintage Coach

 Nothing brightens up a rainy day like this vibrant yellow trench coat. I've had this coat for years, and the great thing about a trench is that it never goes out of style. But really, the most exciting part of this outfit is the umbrella. During my latest Target run, I found this transparent bell-shaped umbrella. I got so excited about it because I've been looking for one exactly like this for a while. Now, I look forward to rainy days so that I can use this awesome umbrella! (could I be any weirder...)

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outfit with flower crown

 Flower headband, DIY____Floral jumper, American Apparel____Skirt, Forever21____Knee high socks, Tj Maxx____Bag, Thrifted____Rings, DIY dainty rings

Yay, here I am wearing my flower crown! It's quite large, and I feel like a little garden is growing on my head. Let's just hope I don't attract any bees.

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DIY Flower Crown

 Hey everyone!

Here is another super fun and easy DIY post on how to make your own flower crown/headband. Technically, it's a headband but calling it a crown makes it sound more special. I was inspired by Connie (Kisforkani.com) and Bonnie (Flashesofstyle.blogspot.com). They both have amazing style, and often rock these flower headpieces. And what a coincidence, they have similar names!! So, here is how you can make your own. This is the perfect rainy-day project as it costs under $5, and takes about 15 minutes to make. Enjoy!

DIY Flower crown. Simple and easy to make!

Materials:  - Fake flowers. I got mine from the Dollar store.
                 - Simple headband. I used ones I already had laying around.
                 - Hot glue gun
                 - Scissors

1. Cut the flowers off the stem. Try to make it as flat as possible. 

 2. Use your hot glue gun, and glue the flower onto the headband. Start from the middle and work your way out.

 3. Repeat step 2 until all of the flowers are glued on.

4. Let it dry, and you are done!

DIY flower crown tutorial by heydahye
 White floral jumper, American Apparel____Pink floral jumper, Ebay

I love how these turned out, and am so excited to wear them. I think they are going to look awesome for music festivals and other such summer festivities.

Hope you liked this DIY, and let me know if you tried it out! Have a nice weekend.

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 Top, Editorial Boutique____Short, Forever21____Blazer, H&M____Shoes, Korea____hand chain, Forever21

The deed is done. My hair is back to my black roots! It actually turned out a lot darker than I expected, or maybe I'm just not used to seeing myself with this shade. Either way, I love the change.

I got this faux leather peplum top, and could not resist pairing it with faux leather shorts. I feel like a spy or something. I wish I had a better background, because the nature-y trees does not really correlate with this edgy outfit. The weather was also amazingly warm today, in the mid 70s! Yay, summer is well on its way!!!

p.s. Shout out to my "#1 fan" who also has this top. ;)

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me in an outfit

3D Floral jumper, Ebay____Circle skirt, American Apparel____Bag, Thrifted____Socks, random boutique____Shoes, Korea____Pearl bow pin, old____Rings, DIY Dainty rings

Hey guys:)

Ever have those outfits that just totally describes your style? Well, this outfit does exactly that for me. I'm wearing two items that I recently added to my wardrobe. I thought they would be perfect for the spring and summer! I pretty much fell in love with my white AA floral jumper, but girl, I don't have ninety dollars to drop on a top. So, I looked around online and found this rose colored one on Ebay, and it was love at first sight. (for a fraction of the cost!) The skirt I have on is the denim circle skirt from AA that I have had on my "wish list" since last year. (As you can see, I have this obsession for AA now.) I can already tell that I'm going to wear this skirt all the time. Even though AA items are a little pricey, their designs never change so I think it's worth investing in a couple of their items. I also love going in their store because the workers are always dressed so cute!

I'm going to get my hair cut/dyed today. I'm so excited, and my poor dry hair really needs it. Look our for a post on my new hair in the near future!

Have an uber Saturday everyone. 

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