Chanel Boy Bag iPhone Case

Chanel boy iPhone 5 Case
American Apparel denim bag
Jacket, Forever21____Crop top and skirt, American Apparel____Jean bag, American Apparel____Shoes, Zara____watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs____phone, Ebay

Happy Easter everyone!!! 

I am currently back at my parents' house for the weekend, and enjoying the sunshine and warmth to the max. As the semester is coming to a really quick end, I have multiple papers to work on. It's so bad because i'm definitely procrastinating more now that the weather is nice, and we all feel a little lazier as summer break approaches, right? ONE MONTH LEFT! 

I like to blame a lot of things on the warming weather, and one of them is my increased shopping. Haha, but c'mon, I'm coming out of my "all black errthang" winter hibernation. This light pink moto jacket is a breath of fresh, spring air to me. I usually don't buy faux leather from Forever 21, but this jacket material is impressively high in quality and doesn't have that cheap/shiny leather look. And can we please take a moment to acknowledge my new phone case? Yes, the chain does get kind of annoying, but I am obsessed with it! A mini chanel boy bag... can't afford the real thing, so this will do for now ;)

Hope you all had a beautiful Easter Sunday, and thank you so much for reading as always! 

xo, Dahye

p.s. check out the mini vlog video I made on the same day! 


Collective Spring Sales Haul {VIDEO}

Sooooo winter is over. Well, at least by the calendar. Unfortunately it's still snowing here in Montreal, but that's an unhappy subject I would rather not discuss.

An upside is that the store are having amazing sales before putting their new collection on the floor! Here are my finds :)   

Thanks for watching!

xo, Dahye


Wool Coat + Fedora + SANCTUARY LAUNCH!

3.1 Phillip Lim wool coat
Black leather 'epi' backpack from Louis Vuitton
J. Crew wool fedora
Wool coat, 3.1 Phillip Lim____Denim shirt, J. Crew____Skirt, Zara____Scarf, H&M____Shoes, J. Crew____Hat, J. Crew____backpack, Louis Vuitton____watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs

So apparently it was supposed to be the first day of spring last week... well, we were lucky enough to receive another 4 inches of snow in Montreal. Thank you so much for that thoughtful welcome gift, Mother Nature. 


Look at me sitting on this poor statue of a cow, its body buried midway in the snow. I think that gives you a little insight as to how much snow is still left to be melted. Le sigh... I don't think I'm ever going to get used to a six month long winter. 

On a happier note, this shoot was super fun because I finally met up with Camille again! The last time we saw each other was last... I think November? We mutually agreed that the cause for this absence was blogger hibernation during the winter. I mean, I don't think it's crucial to post an outfit wearing a parka and uggs. No one would appreciate that. We caught up, drinking persian tea at my new favorite cafe, called Cafe Aunja. A short vlog video will be uploaded soon on my Youtube channel. :)

For my Canadian readers, I have more good news! The clothing brand, Sanctuary, recently launched in Canada. For now, the collection is available in local boutiques. I got to check out their new collection at the launch event, and I fell in love with the neutral color palette and easy to wear styles. I especially loved their matching crop top + skirt combinations, as it can be worn from day to night. Follow them on instagram @sanctuarycanada

In Montreal, Sanctuary Clothing will be available at the following stores: 
Olam, Mimi & Coco, Billie, and Delano Designs

Hope you guys are having a great week, and enjoying REAL spring weather!

xo, Dahye


Spring Outfit + Lookbook Video with Garage!

Boyfriend Jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch
Caged bralette and plaid shirt from Garage
Top and plaid shirt, Garage____Jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch____Shoes, Zara____Bag, Balenciaga____Watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs

During my spring break, I spent the week at my parent's house in Atlanta. Having a break from the snow and freezing temps. of Montreal is a vacation in of itself. I took advantage of this time to create a look book video of some spring outfit ideas! Garage sent me some items, and I got to shop for some pieces of my own to style. Hope you guys like the looks. 

xo, Dahye


VIDEO: DIY Dainty Knuckle Rings (Midi, Heart, Infinity)

This DIY is by far the most popular post on my blog, so I decided it would be helpful to create a video tutorial!

Hope I'm explaining the steps clearly... haha

xo, Dahye

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