Happy Holidays!

Blazer, J. Crew____Dress, c/o Sugarlips.com____Shoes, Target____Bag, Vintage Coach

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Hope you all have a great day with friends and family. My blog reached 500 followers this morning, which is an awesome Christmas present itself. Thank you all for reading and commenting, they seriously make my day!

My warmest hugs to you,

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Braided Headband

Jacket, old____Green top, Gap____Skirt, Abercrombie&Fitch____Tights, Forever21____Shoes, Korea____Bag, Thrifted, Watch, Target____Headband, DIY Braided Knit Headband

Is everybody in the holiday-spirit yet? I know I am! Every year, it's a must for me to paint my nails in festive colors. My own little dorky tradition. My sister came home today, and my friends are coming in a few days. Seriously love how the holiday seasons brings everybody together.

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DIY Braided Knit Headband

Hey everyone!

I'm back with a fun DIY post: a braided knit headband. I got inspired by a similar headband from Urban Outfitters and thought I could easily make it myself, so I did! I love how it turned out. I will post my whole outfit with the headband on in a future post.

DIY how to make knitted headband tutorial
1. Start by knitting skinny strips. I did 5 stitches, but it all depends on how thick/thin you want your headband to be.

DIY how to make knitted headband tutorial
2. Here are the three strips I knitted. Leave one end of the strip extra long, so that you can sew the pieces together.

DIY how to make knitted headband tutorial
3. Take the three strips, and secure one end with an elastic to hold them together. Then, simply braid!

DIY how to make knitted headband tutorial
4. How your headband should look after braiding it.

DIY how to make knitted headband tutorial
5. Lightly pinch the braid to shape it nicely. Then, sew the two ends together, and the headband is complete!

Voila! Simple, right? It's a great accessory for the winter, and would be a cute hand-made gift. 

For the moment, I'm so happy I have two weeks off from school! I'm enjoying movies, sleeping in, and looking forward to Christmas with family and friends. I'll have more time to blog, too. 

DIY how to make knitted headband tutorial

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Holiday Party Dresses

Hello everyone!

I was recently introduced to the online clothing store, clothingloves.net. It has a super wide selection of clothing and accessories at low, low, low, low prices. Low. They offer a variety of wholesale clothing, and trendy pieces. I want to share with you some dresses I picked out from their website. I thought these would be great for the up-coming holiday occasions! From family dinner, to a hoppin' New Year's Eve party, (did I really just say "hoppin'?") a good dress makes every occasion more special. 

So, this is my first pick. I love anything made of flowy chiffon, because it is so girly! The pleats adds some cool texture, too. My favorite part about this dress is the pearl neckline, that eliminates the need for a necklace. It is a statement by itself. Another reason why this would be great for a party? The flowy and unconstricting fit of the dress would allow me to eat without becoming self-conscious of a growing food-baby. :P

As Taylor Swift would say, "You can never, ever, ever, ever go wrong with a little black dress." I love  the lace sleeves on this dress. It keeps the LBD sexy and fun!

Now, this dress would be ideal for a nice family dinner. It has sweet details, like the Victorian-style ruffles, and a festive red color. The cap sleeves and A-line dress would also be flattering to many body types. 

To end the year with a bang, a totally sequined dress is the way to do it! This is such a fun dress to wear to a party to dance the night away. I would wear this with a black fitted-blazer, and keep the accessories to a minimum to let the dress stand out. 

I hope you liked these picks, and maybe they gave you some ideas on what to wear to a party.

In other news, I have my first semester finals this week, and then I am FREE AS A BIRD!!! (for the winter break.) I'm so very, very excited! 

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Holiday Gift Guide '12: Gadgets

2. Fuji Instax Camera would be so much fun at parties to take pictures, and print them out on the spot. 
3. Chanel Three book set, these books are packed with beautiful pictures of Chanel. They would also look great on coffee tables or as display.
4. BCBG Mini duffel keychain I'm a sucker for anything mini-sized, and this keychain is no exception. It would be great to put change and other random stuff. 
5. BCBG studded headphones These would be a great gift for music lovers! I think they would look cool just wearing them around. 
6. Camera lens mug... Definitely a dorky gift, but I think the photography/blog enthusiast would appreciate it. It is a mug that resembles a camera lens! How unique is that? 

Here are some more gift ideas, targeted towards the gadget-girl. The girl whose phone is overloaded with the latest apps, in-the-know of the newest camera lens, and obsessed with being 21st-century chic. I think we all know one person like that, right?

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pumped up kicks

Leather jacket, Korea___Hoodie, Forever21___Skirt, Abercrombie and Fitch____Beanie, Forever21___Sneaker wedges, TJ Maxx

Yes, so I finally gave in to the sneaker wedge trend. After seeing my favorite bloggers rock these sporty kicks, it really inspired me to incorporate the boyish style into my girly outfits. I think they give a fun contrast to my beloved skirts. I hope this trend stays for a while, at least until the summer! I added a burgundy beanie to complete the "skater girl" look. 

It's almost the end of the semester, therefore I am preparing for my finals... but it's okay because I have some kick-ass winter break plans that I can hardly wait for!

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Target X Neiman Marcus

I've been waiting to get my hands on the Target X Neiman Marcus collection for months! Finally, my items came in the mail today. I probably got way too excited over a lunch box than anyone sane person should ever be. But don't you love getting stuff in the mail?! It's like coming home to a mini Christmas. After school, I dropped my backpack off, grabbed a pair of scissors, and immediately opened the box to unveil my much-awaited items. 

The first item I got is the Marc Jacobs scarf. I have to be honest, and tell you guys that it is a little disappointing. I expected the scarf to be bigger (I like my scarves to be oversized), but the fabric is much thinner than I expected. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely isn't a scarf to wear in order to keep warm. I still like the design, though. It has a slightly silver outline, and his simple logo on the right hand corner. 

The lunch bag and flask/thermos duo by Tory Burch is no disappointment at all. I love the vivid colors and cool pattern, that truly reflect Tory Burch as a designer. These two items are well made, and look like they will last me a good few years of chic lunching! Boy, I am going to look so posh pulling out my ham and cheese sandwich out of this lunch bag.

Let me know what you think of these items, and I would love to hear about what you got as well! And hmmm... I wonder what Target has up their sleeves next. (DUN DUN DUNNNNN) 

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3. Kate Spade Carlyle Strap watch ... a bow and sparkles?! Love it.  
4. Topshop Sequin Skater dress, this would be amazing for any party!!! You would literally be the light of the party. Now on sale.
5. Marchesa Parfun D'Extase Of course Marchesa would design the prettiest bottle ever. Looks like a big diamond.
6. Madewell Frankie Pump in glitter Love the simple design, but eye-catching sparkle. 

The Holiday season is here!!! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it is always to fun give (and receive) presents. I think that the holidays are THE time of the year to wear sparkles and anything that glitters. From family dinners, to a big NYE bash, these picks will surely catch people's eyes! And maybe that "special someone." ;) Hope these picks from some of my favorite brands will give you some gift ideas! 

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Roses are Red

Dress, c/o eShakti.com___Shoes, Thrifted___Flower hair clip, J. Crew___Earrings, Forever21

Hello everybody! Happy first day of December. 

I can't believe there is only a month left of 2012, and Christmas is approaching fast. (WEEEE!!!) Today, the Target X Neiman Marcus collection launched. I've been waiting for this line for months. I stayed up until 3am last night, waiting for the collection to launch online. Desperate much, right? Well, yes... But I knew that I had to get my hands on the items, and I am so excited for them to come in the mail! Look out for a post, to see what I got from the collab. 

On to the outfit: I received this beautiful dress from eShakti.com
It is an online store, with lots of lady-like dresses. Their designs actually remind me a little of Anthropologie. Their store features a super cool way of custom-designing a certain item. For example, I designed this dress to have an above-the-knee length, with bracelet length sleeves. I fell in love with the rose embroidery that stands out against the navy, and the mesh arms.  This will be such a great dress for the holidays, too. I've had the red flower hair pin for two years, without once wearing it. Maybe the hair clip and the roses on the dresses are too matchy-matchy, but they really are made for each other. 

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