Dress, Rudsak____Bag, Balenciaga____Shoes, Zara____sunglasses, Karen walker super duper

Photos by William

My outfit for the second day of NYFW. After a typical blogger brunch date at Le pain quotidian, I attended Son Jung Wan's show at the MBFW theatre. It was great to see a Korean fashion designer showing in New York. The collection was full of light knits with beautiful sequins. Will be posting pictures in the future. 

Of course, I had to take outfit pictures next to the city's infamous yellow cabs. The taxi drivers kept thinking I was hailing for them, which led to pretty awkward "oh no, this is just for blog pics" hand gestures. 

Anyways, I have midterms coming up this week. So I should really stop blogging and get back to studying. That's why this post is written like an eight year old. Yeah, I know you don't care. Okay, bye. ily. 

xo, Dahye



Top, Aritzia____Pants, H&M____boots, Zara____Bag, Balenciaga City bag

Photos by William and Karina

No, I won't say it. 

I won't say that attending New York Fashion week was a "DREAM COME TRUE" or that it was the most unforgettable event of my life. Because that would be horrendously cliche. 

But I will say that I had an incredible time with my friends, and met some amazing people at the shows and parties. Honestly, I felt like I was on another planet. Especially being in the crazy environment that invaded Lincoln Center, with all the photographers and people wearing whatever their heart desired. The people who usually stand out blended in, while 'regular' people who were just watching the scene looked like the outcasts in this environment. It made me realize how truly interesting the fashion industry is, especially today. Street Photographers and bloggers are in this whole new spectrum of fashion week, that the half the show is outside the Mercedes Benz theatre. It's quite the scene. 

I was able to visit NYC for only the weekend because of school. Needless to say, I had the worst of the worst case of the Monday blues. But I'm already looking forward to the seasons ahead. 

xo, Dahye



*we're posing like this as a joke, btw. 

A look book video compiling ten outfits! Featuring my lovely fashion friends, Katia and David. It was so much fun making this video with them <3 Let me know what you guys think!

xo, Dahye


Kylie Jenner Inspired Music Festival Outfit + Makeup

Get ready with me for a music festival! I don't think I'm the only one who is sick and tired to flower crowns, so here is a more edgy music festival/summer outfit inspired by Kylie Jenner's bad as* style.

xo, Dahye


black leather jacket + cut out boots

leather jacket, Express____Crop top, American Apparel____Shorts, H&M____boots, ZARA____Sunglasses, Karen Walker

Photos by Katia

Now that I'm blonde, all I want to wear is black. I don't know what the correlation is, but it's a thing. I got back from my first time at New York Fashion Week a few days ago, and I am going through a post-NYFW depression. It was an amazing time, and I met so many lovely people during my short stay. Full outfit posts and street style pics coming up soon! 

xo, Dahye



Top, Zara____white jeans with rips, Zara____heels, Ann Taylor____Bag, Balenciaga City____Sunglasses, Karen Walker

Photos by David


I went blonde. 

And I'm never going back to basic black/brown hair again. Well, at least not for a while since I am loving my new look. Let me tell you, it was a solid eight-hour-struggle across two days at the hair salon to achieve a nice blonde tone, without looking like pikachu puked over my hair. (Day 1 after the salon, my hair resembled a neon yellow tennis ball) I also cut my hair to a sleek bob, which I find suits this shade much more than my previous shoulder length. I've been thinking about going blonde for almost a year, so seeing the change in the mirror wasn't a huge shock. The first few days of classes, some people just didn't recognize me at all. Now I think people just refer to me as "that one blonde asian girl." 

It's nice to change it up once in a while. 

xo, Dahye 

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