Happy Halloween!

Trick-or-treating, passing out candy, going to a party, or braving through a haunted house. Whatever your plans, I hope you all have a great Halloween!!


I put this adorable pumpkin hat on my dog. She looks oh so happy to be wearing right?? It's so cute!

Thanks for stopping by, sugar overdose here I come!


Fall way back into love

This post is on another little photoshoot I had with two of my gorgeous friends. Fall is my favorite season of the year. The leaves turn into beautiful warm colors, and the crunch of the fallen leaves is like music to my ears. We took advantage of this short transition season before the winter. I hope you guys enjoy these pictures.

As we were walking in this park, we spotted a tree trunk with a heart engraving with the classic initials carved in. I was so happy to see this! I've never actually seen heart carvings in trees in person before. I thought it was so cute, and this picture looks like a cover of a Nicholas Sparks novel.

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Sweater Weather

Hey everybody!

Today's outfit is cute, comfy, and (most importantly) warm.

Sweater and pants: J. Crew
Scarf: Korea
Boots: Nordstrom
Earrings: Gift from friend

I kept the textures very soft, starting with the chunky knit sweater and circle scarf. I added feather earrings, which I thought added a little flair to the otherwise very simple ensemble. The tall boots I have on are so great for the fall. I love the worn look of the leather.

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San Fran Day Two

Here is my second post of my trip to San Francisco. We hit all of the tourist destinations!

Golden Gate Bridge! So picturesque with the mountains in the background.
The thing next to me looks like a robot's face! :P

Jacket: Express
Skirt: Gap
Scarf: H&M

Sadly my camera died so I couldn't take pictures of Ghiradelli Square or Sausalito. At least I got the Golden Gate right?

Hope you guys had a great Monday!


San Francisco Day One

Hey everyone!! I came back from a two-day trip to San Francisco. I know, it was way too short but I had a wonderful time. The weather was literally perfect: Sunshine, 70 degrees, with a little breeze. Here are some pictures!!

Beautiful view from the top of Lombard Street. It is gorgeous. I can't believe people actually live on this street. They are so lucky to live on a landmark. Although, going to and fro the store would be quite difficult. The steep hill, the curvy turns, and of course the tourists! Ahem, like me. It would be hard to deal with that everyday!

Victorian-era houses... Love them!!!

Jean shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Loafers: Thrifted
Bag: Coach
Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson

To tell you the truth, I was on the look out for Anh from 9to5chic the whole trip!!! She is one of my absolute favorite bloggers, and I know that she lives in San Fran. (Creepy I know.) But no, I did not see her. Oh well!

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Stay tuned for day two. :)



Hey everyone!

I have a three-day week today. No school Thursday and Friday. Yes!! But the bummer is that I have an AP unit test on Monday, so I still have to study over the weekend. I think it is odd to have a big test on Mondays. Well, I won't complain. More study time I guess!

Today, I wore a pretty edgy outfit. My friend got me this amazing choker necklace from H&M for my birthday. I love this thing! It's so simple, but really unique. I built my outfit around this piece.

I wore black booties, and white socks peeking out of them.

Necklace: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Black button up: H&M

Thank you so much for stopping by. Comment below!
Chokers: yay or nay?


Sweet, Golden 16

Hello, I hope you all had a great weekend.

Sweater: Gap
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: Target
Hat: Target

I turned 16 years old today!
It was also my golden birthday because I turned 16 on the 16th. Heehee!
I had some yummy food and a pool party with some friends. Now that I'm getting "older," I've come to realize that having a small of group of true friends is so much more valuable than having a giant posse. I definitely take what I have for granted, and I should be more thankful for them everyday. So, I wanted to thank you guys for always having a nice comment to say, and inspiring posts to share.

And no, I did not get my driver's license yet! I still have a few more driving lesons to finish up. They are always so boring and kind of awkward...
And yes, I did listen to the song "Sweet 16" by Hilary Duff. Such a classic song. :)

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pantalon rouge

Hey everyone. Happy Friday!

I love the sheer back of this top, and how it has an assymetrical hem.

Burgundy nail color that I am loving! The leopard bangle is from H&M.
I got these shoes at the Dolce & Gabbana outlet store for a great price. :)

Jeans: Rugby by Ralph Lauren
Top: Marshall's
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana

I am still really into colored jeans. I paired these bright red skinnies with some darker, neutral tones on top.
I hope you like this outfit, let me know what you think in the comments.

Have a great weekend!


I can't wait for Jason Wu!!!!!

Hey everybody...

So I was browsing the internet today, and I stumbled upon this blog that mentioned that Jason Wu is now collaborating with Target!(AHHHHHHH) February 5th is the reported launch date for his Target line. I am literally so excited for this. Jason Wu has got to be one my top 5 favorite designers in the world. Oh my gosh...I can just predict another Target website crash. :P I think I actually might camp outside of Target to shop this line.

Watch this clip previewing the new line!


Have a great day!

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