TRAVEL VLOG: Myrtle Beach 2013

Yay, my first Youtube video is now up!

I made a fun little travel vlog compiling all the clips I took while at Myrtle Beach for Spring break. This  3 minute clip honestly took 14 hours to upload... I don't think that is normal. But I haven't uploaded a video onto Youtube since 2009 so I'm sure things have changed since then!

I hope you all enjoy this clip and enjoy the part when my parents are crossing the street... oh, it gets me everytime. Planning on making more videos like this in the future...

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no such thing as too girly

DIY Flower crown

Blazer, Korea____Top and skirt, Abercrombie&Fitch____Purse, Kate Spade____Watch, Target____DIY Flower Crown

Just a super quick outfit post. Hope you are all having a good week!

xo Dahye

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fashion must go on

White denim circle skirt from American Apparel
Top, Korea____Skirt, American Apparel____Jacket, H&M____Necklace, Charming Charlie's____Watch, Target

My skirt is covering half of my t-shirt, so it looks like it says "fashion must." But it actually says "fashion must go on." For some reason, I haven't been very inspired lately. I hate to admit it, but I have been getting a little lazy with my blog. I feel like I hit a plateau, both in my followers and monthly views. I need to refocus myself, and understand that I shouldn't stress over something that I started for my own enjoyment in the first place.

I just need to "go on," doing what I enjoy...

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night to remember: PROM!

Hair I did for Amara! It looks wet because I sprayed about half a bottle of hairspray on her. :P
Prom wrist corsages!

 This past Saturday was a day that I will remember and cherish forever. I flew from the Southeast to the Midwest to attend prom at my old school. It was so nice to see my best friends that I missed so much, and to get all doll'd up for this special event! As you can see, there is still plenty of snow in the Midwest in the middle of April. But some snow can't stop us! We danced nonstop, almost losing my voice, and definitely losing a bit of hearing from the loud music. I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

I want to thank dressestylist.com again for sending me this beautiful dress. It was absolutely perfect for the occasion. I'm also wearing fun lace-up heels from the Target X Prabal Gurung collection that I bought for a steal the day before prom! All of the jewelry is my mom's.

For my hair and makeup, I wanted to keep it in accordance with the silver theme of my dress. I did a slight smokey eye, using an amazing silver cream shadow to keep the whole look in place for the whole night. For my hair, I did big curls with just enough volume. But it was not a fussy hairdo, and I was definitely able to dance away without worrying about ruining my hair.

So, I'm pretty exhausted from the partying and plane rides. I definitely had a jam-packed spring break full of memories. I guess I'm ready to go back to school and hit the books again. Only six weeks left until summer vacation!!! LET'S GO.

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SB '13: neon + lace

 Top, Korea____Skirt, Abercrombie&Fitch____flats and bag, J.Crew____Necklace, Target____Bracelets, random____rings, DIY

Here is my day 2 Myrtle Beach outfit on the boardwalk again. Something about having the ferris wheel in the background makes these pictures so much better. On day two, I made the most of my day and headed straight to the beach so I could get my tan on . Personally, I don't like to tan because I want to prevent skin damage, but I had to a least try to get rid of the t-shirt tan that I acquired the day before! 

As I'm unpacking from the beach, I'm also packing for my trip back to Minnesota for prom. I know I've mentioned prom on pretty much every post for the past month... but I am just so excited! 

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spring break 2013: pink + denim

Myrtle Beach boardwalk
Chloe Tamaris aviator sunglasses
Myrtle beach, South Carolina
tshirt, J.Crew____Skirt, American Apparel____Shoes, Korea____bag, J. Crew____Necklace, Forever21____Sunglasses, Chloe

Hey everyone! 

I just got back home from an awesome trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was my first time visiting this beach, and I hope to visit again one day because it was so beautiful. The weather was picturesque and I loved how this beach was not too crowded like some other beaches I've been to. My family and I spent three days relaxing and enjoying some good ol' bonding time together. I also had the chance to test out my new camera, and as you can see, the picture quality is amazing!!! I also took a ton of video footage, which I plan on editing into a cute little travel diary vlog. So hopefully that video will be done within this month. But no promises. :P

The best part of this trip was waking up to the sound of crashing waves. I know, that sounds so cheezy. But seriously being able to wake up to the shimmering ocean is the best feeling ever. It makes me want to live onnthe beach one day, and be one of those cool beach joggers.  

On the first day, I wore this outfit and spent the whole day on the boardwalk. (I have a new love for wearing statement necklaces with a casual tshirt.) Silly me forgot to put sunscreen on, so I have this awkward t-shirt tan line... I really hope the redness will fade by this Saturday in time for prom!

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spring prep

Hey everyone,

We made it to April! Congratulations to those who survived another cold winter. My friends who live up North went through a brutal winter this year, and they even had a snow day off of school for the first time in like six years. That's crazy!! I'm seriously so so happy spring is here. Here are some items I can't wait to wear in the warm weather. :)

 The cutest bikini, ever, from American Apparel. A reader pointed this out to me, but I realized that I have a lot of rose chiffon clothing. I can't get enough of this gorgeous fabric!

 This crochet crop top from Forever21 screams summer music festivals and pool lounging. 

 Sheer chiffon button with a crochet collar? This top was made for me! (from A&F)

 These tiffany blue oxfords just make me so happy. It was the last pair left at Nordstrom Rack. Score!

 Finally, I found a pair of aviators from Chloe that are casual enough for everyday wear, but are nice enough be worn with fancy outfits. The leather trimmings and gold rims sold me. And the case is also so cute!

 My sister got me this gorgeous lavender cross-body bag from J.Crew last Christmas. It has been sitting patiently in my closet, because I have been saving it for warmer weather! But seriously though, the color is stunning. 

Last, but not least, is my new camera! After much research, and reading reviews, I decided to upgrade to the Canon T3i. My close friend also has this camera, and so that helped me to decide on the T3i. (The T4i and the 60D were contenders.) This baby came in the mail on Monday, and the picture quality is incredible! I just love how it focuses on the subject, and blurs the background beautifully. I have been playing around with the settings, and learning how to use a DSLR for the first time. (I'm getting fancy y'all...) I'm still waiting on another lens to arrive in the mail, which I'm looking forward to trying out because I heard it takes great fashion blog photos. I'm super excited to take this camera with me when I travel this summer, and I'm the image quality on my blog will improve a lot!

Spring break is next week... I can barely contain my excitement!!!

Hope you are all having a fab day. :)

p.s. I would really appreciate any DSLR photography tips! 

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