chinese garden

Jacket, Korea___Sweater dress, Gap___Boots, DSW___Scarf, Burberry___Backpack, Louis Vuitton___Hat and gloves, H&M

I realize that my outfit does not coordinate with the background at all. I'm wearing a blazer, a top hat, and a Burberry scarf, which has no correlation to the beautiful Chinese temples. But oh well, we had so much fun taking these pictures, and posing like ninjas. Tamara and I visited a botanical garden while on our trip. Funny thing is, most of the flowers and plants were not in bloom because it was November. What were we thinking in the first place?! But it was still cool, and we got some awesome shots. :)

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Photography by Tamara Khader


city girl

Leather jacket, Express___Lace top, Abercrombie___Skirt, Forever21___Faux fur scarf, American Eagle___Shoes, Target___Backpack, Louis Vuitton___Hat, H&M

Hello everyone!!!! It feels great to be back home on my laptop, blogging again. I had the past week off from school for Thanksgiving break, so my friend and I visited Montreal for the week. Oh my goodness, it was so much fun. Literally there wasn't a thing we didn't do. It was crazy, and the week flew by. Almost everyday, we would be out of the apartment by 10AM, then we would walk around the city until 10PM. I seriously LOVE walking around the busy streets, because that is the best way to really experience everything a city has to offer. 

We were so lucky to have beautiful fall weather. I was shocked at how warm it was in Canada! So I took full advantage of it by layering my outfit with leather textures, lace, and faux fur. The wedges I am wearing are my new staple piece from Target. They stayed comfortable throughout the day, and all of the walking gave the shoes a nice worn-in look to them. 

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving weekend! And I heard the Black Friday shopping was....crowded.. to say the least. But it's funny because there were a few stores with Black Friday shopping deals, when it isn't even Thanksgiving in Canada. Whatever, it's a good excuse to shop! 

Look out for some more posts from my trip... :)


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Photography by Tamara Khader



Dress, H&M___Sweater, Boutique___Faux fur vest, old___Jacket, Urban Outfitters___Shoes, UrbanOG.com___Beanie, Korea___Bag, Vintage Coach

This outfit consists of layers on top of layers on top of layers. I love the different textures all coming together into a warm fall outfit! 

I am so so so happy it is Friday today! I have the rest of the week off from school for Thanksgiving break. I love school, but I really need this break to refresh myself with sleep and yummy food. I am going to Montreal again to visit my sister, and this time, my friend is coming with me. I'm looking forward to it, and I will see you all again next week with some fun posts. I have all of my outfits planned, which I always do before traveling, and I am excited to share with you some new pieces I got for my winter wardrobe!

Until then, hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.


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the little black jacket

Jacket, TJ Maxx___Blouse, H&M___Skirt, Korea___Shoes, Target___Bag, Kate Spade

I wonder when I will ever grow out of my love for bows... These Juicy Couture earrings add just the right amount of sparkle. Thanks to my friend who gifted them to me. :)

The Classic Black Jacket. I was immediately drawn to this black and white tweed jacket because of how it resembles Chanel's signature design.  I know I shouldn't even be comparing anything from TJ Maxx to CHANEL, but the shape of the jacket does look similar, right? Okay, at least by a really quick glance it does. Anyways, in this outfit I wore it with a girly circle skirt, and added some black wedges to toughen it up. (These shoes are my new obsession.) I like how this jacket makes me look very pulled-together, but it would also look great dressed down with some boyfriend jeans. 

I found this perfect pearl bow pin down in the deep, dark corner of my jewelry box! BOWS AND PEARLS?! I know, it's a double stunner. I pinned it onto the pocket to remind myself that I am nowhere near the age of 70, and I shouldn't be dressing as if I was. 

Oh well, it's grandma-chic!


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army vest

Thrifted and DIY vest___Sweater, J.Crew___Denim button up, Thrifted___Skirt, Lola___Bag, Korea___Shoes, Target

I got this military-inspired vest from a thrift store. At first, I was uncertain of whether I was going to buy it or not, because it was so ridiculously oversized. (Even if it was only $3!) But I saw that it had potential, with the zipper, and large pockets. I don't know why but I have an odd obsession with pockets, and this vest fits the bill. It even has a large pocket on the back! After cinching in the waist with clothing pins, and adding studs to the pockets, I find myself reaching over and over for this vest to layer on to any outfit. 

New favorite rings from H&M. Love this taupe+brown nails for the fall. 

My doggy, Caramel, wishes you a happy day! <3


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Meeting Mr. Madden

Photography by Tamara

Top, Zara___Jeans, Gap___Scarf, Korea___Shoes, UrbanOG.com___Bag, Kate Spade

^^^Today, I met STEVE MADDEN, the amazingly talented shoe designer. A few friends and I waited in line for about two hours to meet him, but it was well worth it. The event had a great DJ and the beautiful Julissa Bermudez as a host, so the whole line was dancing, and having a good time. 

How was your Saturday? 


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inspiration: Ballerina

 Hello lovelies :) Hope you all had a fantastic week! Mine literally flew by. I feel like a zombie from Monday to Thursday, that comes back to life on Friday. 

Today's post is all about ballerinas. I think ballet is a beautiful art, and seriously though, major props to the talented dancers for being able to look so elegant and effortless, all the while balancing on their toes. I find much girly inspiration from their attire: tulle skirts, lace up shoes, and a chic bun. 

Perfect girly outfit. via Pinterest

Oh yeah, just a casual bike ride in a tulle skirt while looking perfect... the usual. via Pinterest

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific. She is one of my FAVORITE bloggers. Every outfit she wears is genius. 

Oh, Marilyn. via Pinterest

Amazing ballerina-inspired flats from Chloe. My jaws dropped when I first saw these. 

Then, my jaws dropped even more when I saw these Louboutins. via Pinterest

Leave it to Lauren to create the perfect, chic ballerina bun. Can't wait until my hair gets long enough, so I can do this hairstyle! 

Vogue Russia October '12 Editorial. [watch behind-the-scenes video]

And I will end this post with the cutest ballerinas EVER: Sophia Grace and Rosie!!! 

October was a great month, filled with traveling back and forth to Montreal, visiting my sister. During my flights, I would pass the time by knitting. (I'm currently working on another circle scarf.) It's really kind of awkward because I feel like I'm being judged by people when I casually pull my knitting needles out of my purse. They're probably wondering why the heck a 17-year old teenager is at the airport alone, knitting. 

I hope you liked this inspiration post, and have a great weekend!


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