About Me

Well, hello there. My name is Dahye, which I know probably draws a question mark in your brain when you try to decipher how to pronounce it. It's pronounced DAH- (like when the dentist tells you to open wide and say "Ahhhh," with a D in front of it) and HYE (like the stuff horses enjoy eating, or the common greeting, "Hey.") So, that's my name. Hope that's cleared up. 

Hmm.. what do I even say in an About Me page without sounding horrendously narcissistic and cliché? It's quite the challenge, so I'll just keep it short. I'm currently a student in the bilingual city of Montreal, majoring in something business related. Outside of school, I write for Spoiler Magazine, and run this blog you are currently reading. (Hi again!) I really enjoy taking pictures and trolling the internet, so I guess that's the essence of why I ever started this platform. I love blogging, but I wouldn't call myself a "blogger" just yet, but rather, a girl who has a blog. 

xo, Dahye


Shizzy's Closet said...

you're so cute!!! check out my blog i just started. pls follow <3


A.O Bolat said...

You are a great fashion blogger :)

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