Three holidays looks for different occasions.

I won't have access to my laptop for the next couple of days, so just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year in advance!!! Let us reflect on 2014, and see how we've grown and changed. Did you accomplish your resolutions? What are your resolutions for 2015?

One of my main goals for next year is to focus much more on my Youtube channel. I have so many video ideas in my head, can't wait to make them real. Thank you all so much for the support and sweet comments.

xo, Dahye



Coat, c/o Miamasvin.net____jeans, Forever21____Scarf, ZARA____Bag, Alexander Wang

Photos by Katia

And just like that, 2014 is now a memory in the past. 

During boring hours at the airport and in flight, I read "The Secret Lives of People in Love" by Simon van Booy. It is a collection of heart throbbing stories about love that comes in all forms: parents, friends, and lovers. I've never read van Booy before, but his writing is like poetry and the book has so many inspiring quotes. Here is one that is very fitting for this time of year: Time would not exist if it were not for memories. It just made me think of how everything that's happened in the past is only a memory, and although it shapes who we are in the present, the future is in our total control waiting to be created. No matter what 2014 was like, both with its positive and negative events, 2015 is like a lump of clay. We can mold it, bend it, sculpt it into a work of art. 

Thank you to all the lovely people who make my life joyful and inspiring. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

xo, Dahye



acne studios sweater fashion blog
acne studios sweater fashion blog
Jacket, c/o Miamasvin.net____Pants, H&M

Photos by Katia

Winter survival tip: get yourself a pair of loose palazzo pants, and wear layers of fleece leggings under them. No one will know, but you look great and feel toasty. 

On another random note, I have developed a love for modern architecture and interior designs. The white marble on this building is my dream kitchen countertop. Lately, my instagram feed consists almost entirely of french bulldogs and Scandinavian design blogs. Relevant. 

It has been amazing to be able to sleep in and have entire days just doing whatever I want. I'm heading back to the states in a few days... There's nothing like being home for the holidays. (and out of the snow)

xo, Dahye



everything from zara. 

Photos by Katia

I am writing this post in the library, where I have spent 90% of my waking time (and way too much money on apple turnovers) these last few weeks. Now that finals are over, I have time to think about things other than matrices and marginal costs. 

I'm really redundant when I say that time goes by so fast. But honestly, how the heck is the semester already over and 2015 is only a few weeks away? It's almost scary how fast it goes by. I was going through my past blog posts, and it's drastic how my style has changed. Even just a few months ago, I loved wearing girly stuff... now I'm just like nope, I'll go with black. Besides my change in style, I feel like I grew to be more mature during this semester. For example, instead of going out during the weekends, all I want to do is stay in and watch "The Office." 

yeah... it was another whirlwind semester. I'm so excited to head back home, see the fam, my doggy, and escape the snow and slush. 

Happy Holidays!

xo, Dahye



Aviator fleece jacket, c/o Miamasvin.net (link here)____Dress, Zara____Boots, Zara

Photos by Katia

I know complaining isn't going to make it any better, but MAN, it is getting cold in Montreal. Thankfully, I have this aviator-style jacket that reminds me a lot of the Acne Velocite jacket. (but for like a tenth of the price, obviously it's not real sheep skin tho) Not hating on people who wear Canada Goose, because I understand it is an essential survival tool in Canadian winters, but I personally am not a fan. So this jacket is great because it's just aS warm, and I don't look like I'm about to embark on a North-Pole expedition. Yay.

Okay, I'll stop being so sarcastic and negative. But it's probably the stress from studying and the loom of exams that are getting to me... only four exams to go before a month of freedom. Shout out to my fellow library trolls: WE OUT HEEEEYAAA <3

xo, Dahye

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