Dress, c/o MsDressy.com____Jacket, H&M____Faux fur stole, H&M____Shoes, Zara____Clutch, Chanel____Jewelry, borrowed from my mommy

Photography by the fab, Tamara Khader

Hi beauties!!

As you can see, I am extremely dressed up here! I received this beautiful gown from MsDressy.com. I probably spent about ten hours just going through their, what it seems like, unlimited selection of dresses. From prom, to weddings, to a GNO, this store has the perfect dress for you! Also, you can choose the color and have it custom tailored to your measurements. It's seriously amazing, and the price point is almost unbelievable. I've never bought a fancy dress like this online before, and I'll be honest by saying that I was worried it was not going to turn out like it looks in the picture. But, after waiting and waiting for the dress to arrive in the mail, I literally tore open the packaging to get to my awaited prom dress. I was so impressed with the quality of the stitching, the big rhinestones don't look tacky, and it fits me like a glove! (Happy dance moment) Yeah, I probably sound like a superficial infomercial by saying this, but as a shopper who loves to look fabulous on a budget, I really recommend MsDressy.com. I'm definitely going to order dresses I need for future occasions from here!

I will be wearing this dress to my high school prom, which is on April 13th! I AM SO EXCITED FOR PROM, it is seriously makes up 80% of my conversations with my friends. I'm happy that this dress is unique, so I won't risk having someone else with the same dress on. (Well, at least I hope not!) Before prom, I am going to dye my hair back to my natural color. I need to get rid of this awkward roots/ombre look I got goin... And I'm planning on putting my hair up in a curly low bun, because I want to show off the back of this dress. It is my favorite detail! Finally, shoes. There is a reason I don't show my shoes in this post, because they were not matching. :P I think I'm going to get the strappy black sandals from Zara that a lot of bloggers wear. I want to get shoes that I will be able to wear after prom. I pretty much have everything planned, all I need to do is have some patience for the special day! Lol, I'm talking about prom as if it's my wedding or something.

I hope you guys are having a good week, and as always, thank you so much for reading. :)

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DIY Dainty Knuckle Rings

Hey everyone!

Here is a DIY post on how to make dainty rings. I've been seeing this trend on many of my favorite bloggers, like Rumi and Jules. They can be sized to your own fingers, and I made some for both my top and bottom knuckles. I've been wanting to try this project for a while, and I'm so glad I got around to it during my day-off! I hope the steps will be clear.

DIY how to make knuckle rings wire easy

DIY how to make knuckle rings wire easy
 Supplies: - 20 gauge wire
               - Side cutters to cut wires
               - Round nose pliers to bend and shape wires
               - Chain nose pliers to bend and shape wire
               - Any cylindrical item to wrap the wire around. You can use a marker, lipstick, pencil, etc.

DIY how to make knuckle rings wire easy
 Step 1: Use the side cutters and cut a 3 inch long piece of wire. 

DIY how to make knuckle rings wire easy
 Step 2: Wrap the wire around the marker, to make it into a ring shape. Use the round nose pliers to bend the end of the wire inwards. You have to do this for every ring because the end of the wire is very pokey!

 To make a heart ring: Bend the end of the wire the opposite direction. 

 Bend it again the other way to make a wave-like shape. 

DIY how to make knuckle rings wire easy
 Then, bend it again to complete the heart shape. Making these rings is all about creating the shapes are you want it, so the steps are pretty vague!

DIY heart ring
 Again, bend the end of the ring inwards and wrap around a marker to shape it as a ring. 

DIY how to make knuckle rings wire easy
 To make an infinity ring: Start with one inwards bend at the end of the wire. 

 Loop around the wire to make the shape of an "8."

 Here is your infinity shape!

 Cut the extra wire off. 

DIY how to make knuckle rings wire easy
 Cut a short piece of wire and bend in both ends. 

DIY how to make knuckle rings wire easy
 Gently hook on the infinity shapes onto both ends. 

DIY infinity ring
 Super cute infinity ring! This would be a great hand-made gift.

DIY knuckle rings. You can make all sorts of shapes, personalize them to your taste!

DIY how to make knuckle rings wire easy

 It's kind of hard to see, but I also made a little ear cuff for my cartilage. 

DIY how to make knuckle rings wire easy

DIY how to make knuckle rings wire easy

 I love my statement pieces, but I think these minimal rings add just enough shine and girly-ness. The only down side is that the rings tend fall off because the wire bends so easily.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY, and let me know if you try it out. :)

p.s. Here are some cute and ready-made options from the web:

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be mine

Loose curls using 1.5 inch curling iron

Lovely Valentine's Day hair and makeup

Dress, Gap____Shoes, Zara____Belt and Bag, Vintage____all accessories, Korea


Hope you all have a lovely day with friends, family, or that special someone. I received this beautiful flower arrangement in the mail from a friend, and I had so much fun taking pictures with them for this post! (if you are reading, thank you so much, Joy and Amara.) I bought this dress from Gap about 2 years ago, and this is my first time ever wearing it! It was on such an amazing sale, that I had to buy it. Finally, it has the chance to breathe some air from my cramped closet!

I actually gave up chocolate for lent, so I have to resist the urge. Man, school today was the ultimate struggle. :P

Tomorrow, I will be going on a church retreat for the weekend. I always have a great time at retreats, and I hope to become a more positive person when I come back!

In the mean time, enjoy all the heart-shaped desserts and chocolate in the world and spread the love!

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