La Montrealaise Atelier

La Montrealaise Atelier sweatshirt
Sweatshirt, La Montrealaise Atelier from Simons____Skirt, American Apparel____Boots, Banana Republic____knee high socks, American apparel____Bag, Kate Spade____Clear umbrella, Target

Photos by Samia

After a year of living in Montreal, I think it's safe to say that I'm pretty adjusted and can call myself a Montrealer. (or Montrealaise in french) so obviously, I needed to get a sweatshirt proclaiming that.

I took these pictures on my last day in Montreal before leaving for New York. As you can see, the weather is extremely bipolar, and it decided to rain on us during the shoot. But nothing can stop bloggers, right? We were literally in the rain, trying to keep our skirts down from the wind, all the whilst ignoring the confused the looks we got from people passing by. (I'm used to that by now) Yes, the winter is horrid and the politics may be skewed, but I still love Montreal's vibrancy. I think it is this year that I fully grasped the meaning behind the saying time flies. I know this summer is going to disappear in a snap, so I'm going to try my best to be super productive (blog wise) and super lazy (everything else wise). 

Like I said, I'm currently at a coffee shop on Sixth Avenue writing this post. I'm seated right next to the window, watching the continuous flow of people walking fast to wherever their day needs them to be. Despite the weird sewage smells, the constant blare of sirens, and the herds of tourists who block the sidewalk, I fall more in love with this city with each visit. Keep an eye peeled for my outfit posts!

Hope everyone is well, and having a good day! Now, let me finish this macchiato. 

xo, Dahye


Summer Time Denim on Denim

Karen Walker Super Duper sunglasses
Shirt, J.Crew____Shorts, Editorial____Botos, Forever 21____Sunglasses, Karen Walker____Bag, American apparel

Photos by Katia
(who is soon starting her own bloggy)

umm, what can i say? 


I'm currently in NYC visiting some friends, then i'm heading to my parents' house, then going to Korea! It's about to be a crazy good time. 

Enjoy the sunshine wherever you may be! 
Lots of love<3



Summer Lookbook w/ American Apparel Circle Skirts {VIDEO}

Skirt season is hereeeee!!! Hope you guys like my latest look book video^^ let me know which was your favorite look.

xo, Dahye


Karen Walker 'Super Duper' Sunglasses

Karen Walker 'Super Duper' oversized sunglasses
Zara white skirt and boots
Karen Walker 'Super Duper'

Shirt, Vero Moda____Skirt, Zara____Boots, Zara____Bag, Korea____Watch, Chanel____Sunglasses, Karen Walker 'Super Duper'

It's official. 

After a solid two years of coveting Karen Walker sunglasses, I finally got my hands on the quintessential 'covers-three-quarters-of-your-face-blogger' sunnies. You've probably seen these on Atlantic Pacific, Pink Peonies, Neon Blush, etc... so many of my fave bloggers had these, making it unavoidable for me to see them online all the time. Basically, it was only a matter of time for me to save up! I can already tell that these are going to be on my face the entirety of summer. It's seriously pitch dark to block out the rays, and it also is perfect to creep on people without them knowing you're staring at them. (Everyone does that right? or is that just me...)

Life right now is pretty awesome. My classes are finished, and I just have to get through four final exams, then it's officially summer!!! Too bad my brain already switched into summer mode. It's quite the struggle to get myself to sit down and practice integration. I just have to keep reminding myself that it's the last mile of the marathon (not that I run, or anything) and the finish line is so, so close. The reward of going back home and traveling is within reach!

Wishing the best of luck to all students out there. 

And I hope everyone has a fantastic Mother's Day. It should be everyday that we show how much we truly appreciate our #1 best friend, teacher, and life coach. But life gets busy, so let's all take a moment to show our love today. <3

xo, Dahye


Huge Collection American Apparel Summer Haul!

Because the sun is out, school is almost over, summer time is near!!!

xo, Dahye

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