meet me by the bench

Dress, Korea____Boots, Topshop____Bag, Lucky Brand____Necklace, Target____Watch, Chanel

Photos by Sophie

Happy last day of August everyone!

I'm sure I'm not the only person whose mind is blown by the fact that September is tomorrow. Honestly, I can't even wrap my mind around how fast August flew by. And now that it is nearly September, that means we are three-fourths into the year of 2013! That is pure craziness. But I'm looking forward to fall fashion, which is my absolute favorite time to dress up! Scarves, hats, knee highs, the list goes on and on with layering possibilities. 

I took these pictures last week, when I met up with another fashion blogger in Montreal! I swear, I feel like I'm making more friends through my blog than at actual school. (LOL) We ate dinner on a beautiful terrace overlooking the St. Laurent river which was such an awesome experience! People around us were probably a little annoyed because our conversation was pretty much fan-girling over Youtubers. Obviously, we are so cool. 

This past week felt like a blur, going to school and studying, all that jazz. I have been at this school for two weeks, but I oddly feel very settled in already. Which is a good thing, but I'm just surprised at how effortless the transition was! After a week of school, my friends and I rewarded ourselves yesterday with a Friday movie night! And guess what we watched.... The One Direction movie in 3D! (You're probably cheering or gagging right now.) I'm not their biggest fan, but I don't think any girl can deny that they are some good-looking guys. And come one, they dress pretty damn well too! I felt a little silly being in the theatre with 12-14 year-olds screeching whenever Harry was on the screen, until I realized that I was screeching along with them. Oops. Maybe the excitement is contagious? 

Whatever the reason, it was a pretty good movie but I recommend you stay home if listening to screaming girls is not your thing. ;P

Have a nice Labour Day weekend!

xo, Dahye

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Chanel Espadrilles

T-shirt, Local Boutique____Skirt, Forever21____Devil horn Beanie, Ebay____Chelsea boots, Topshop

Photos by Camille

This black and white streetstyle outfit combined with the run-down graffiti background makes this post maybe one of my most favorite yet! After a day of school, I met up with Camille for a quick blog shoot. It was actually really funny, because she was wearing all black and white too! (Great fashion minds think alike?) It actually worked out perfectly, because we found out about a Black and White outfit contest hosted by Elle Quebec on Instagram! 

Check out my contest entry on Instagram @heydahye and like the outfit I posted with #NBEQ. 

*Also, check out IFB'S Project #111: Get Fancy with Feline inspired Fashion! How perfect that a little kitty came to pose for some pictures. :)

Hope you are having a lovely week so far!

xo, Dahye

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RAWR (200th post!)

Leopard print cardigan
Leopard Sweater, Korea____Crop top, Korea____Skirt, American Apparel____Chelsea boots, Topshop____Purse, Korea____Hair bow, made myself

Hey guys!

Here's an outfit that I am absolutely in love with and have repeated about three times...oops. It mixes my girly side with my spontaneous "I-love-leopard-print-anything" tendency. I got the bold sweater three years ago from Korea, and I don't know what I would do without it. It's literally the perfect thing to throw on to add a little punch to any look!

I survived my first week of college! I actually love my flexible schedule, as opposed to the same six course daily routine of high school. So far, my professors and peers are great. I feel really lucky to be in such a positive environment. 

I am now going to a nice weekend brunch with my sister! We agreed to find a new place to eat everything weekend, to avoid getting caught up in a bland routine. Follow me on Instagram @heydahye for food pics. ;)

Happy Saturday!

xo, Dahye

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Ice Cream Daze

Skirt, American Apparel____Top, Local Boutique____Denim vest, H&M____Lace socks, Korea____Shoes, Korea____Bag, Korea

Photos by Camille

And so, summer came to an end. Of course, it passed by in a blink like every other summer, and school is back in session. There is no better way to spend the last day of summer than bum around cafes and boutiques, all the while enjoying a refreshing ice cream. I could not have asked for a better summer than this past one. I traveled to Italy and South Korea, went to an awesome summer camp, and finally moved to Montreal just in time for college. It was hectic, but nevertheless exciting. 

I started school two days ago, and so far I am really enjoying it! The first week back is always the best because teachers are energetic and ready to teach, and all we do is go over the course syllabus and "rules." Pretty laid-back. Also, I am starting my first job ever tomorrow! All of this is happening so fast, but everything panned out very smoothly which I am grateful for. As school gets rolling, I know I will have a lot of homework, a part time job, and my fashion blog to balance. I hope I will be able to handle everything! (Hopefully I won't get too many pimples.) 

Hope you are all having a good day, and good luck if you are starting a new year of school!

xo, Dahye

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beauty products to swear by

FACE (from left to right)
Shiseido UV Protection Sunscreen____Etude House BB Cream____Stila Illuminating Moisturizer____Benefit Some kind-a Gorgeous Compact

Stila Convertible Color in____MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Light Flush

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin____Covergirl Clump Crusher____Compact eyelash curler from Korea

Chanel Rouge Allure #91 SEDUISANTE____Face Stockholm for J. Crew in French Martini____MAKEUP FOREVER #40 Rouge Artist Intense

Morrocan Oil for hair____EOS lipbalm in mint____Gilly Hicks TAMARAMA perfume

Everybody has their own selection of beauty products that they swear by, and the ones pictured above are mine! My daily makeup routine is very simple and takes about five minutes to complete. Right now, my go-to look is a swipe of mascara on the eyes with a bold orange lip. I know I am kind of late on the orange lip trend, but it is now my new obsession! I've been using the new Makeup Forever lipstick everyday since I got it, and it stays on oh-so well.

What is your latest beauty obsession?

xo, Dahye

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overalls all over again

Plaid shirt, Zara____Overall dress, Zara____Crop top, H&M____Bag, sunglasses and lace socks, Korea

The best thing about moving to a new city is having the opportunity to meet new friends. After exchanging comments on each other's blogs, emailing back and forth, and texting occasionally, I finally got to meet Camille, from Fashion Tartare, in person! This was my first time meeting another person solely through their fashion blog, or any type of website, really. Like any other first encounter, a little part of me was nervous that it might be awkward... but honestly I should not have even worried! Camille is seriously such a genuinely sweet person, with a classy sense of style, and bold eyebrows that could rival Cara Delevigne's. And let's be real, if you put two fashion obsessed bloggers together, give them a camera and some nice lighting and you are good to go. ;)

Check out Camille's blog: Fashiontartare.com     =====>   instagram: @camillenormandin

xo, Dahye

p.s. I FINALLY got an instagram! Follow me =====> @heydahye

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Pretty in Pink

Dress, J. Crew____Necklace, Korea____Bag, Korea____Shoes, J. Crew____Macrame bracelets, Cruciani

You know the feeling of wearing something and just feeling awesome in it? Yeah, well this dress does just that for me. Leave it to J. Crew to design a very simple shirt dress in the most vibrant shade of pink under the sun. I guess I was feeling very out-there today, because I paired this dress with a neon statement necklace and orange lips. Go big, or go home. ;)

xo, Dahye

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