nice to meet you, 2012


Jeans: Ralph Lauren
Jacket: super old!
Boots: Banana Republic
Belt: Gap
Bag: Korea
Scarf: Burberry
Gloves: H&M

Wow, 2012 is here. I think it was last year that I really fell in LOVE with fashion. I started this blog and honestly it's a big part of my life now already! I really wanted to thank you guys for the amazing comments, I seriously look forward to reading them everyday after school. My style has definitely evolved and I take a lot more "risks" than I ever did before. Whenever I'm at school, someone will usually come up to me asking about my blog and fashion. I love that I'm connecting to others and I am so so so excited to see where blogging and fashion can take me in life!

New years resolutions: 
Eat less chocolate (my addiction to chocolate was getting out of hand)
Have better posture
20 sit ups a night

They are pretty easy. I decided to set very small, easily achievable goals so that I can actually stick to them!!   

Oh, and the world is nowhere near ending!!! 

xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxo ,


Katie's Bliss said...

Love your Burberry scarf! Cute casual look :)


Sarai said...

Love the bright jeans! they look great, happy new year :) xoxo


Mongs said...

great outfit, red and black is a fabulous color combo. You look sleek and chic. The burberry scarf looks perfect with your matching bag.

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Happy new year!


Joyce said...

adorable :) love those boots~~ i think blogging changes the majority of us (in a good way). i remember i used to be so nervous about posting pictures of myself on the internet hahah but now i am more confident and fine with it. glad to hear you've developed your sense of style and what is "you". cool blog~ just stumbled upon it. keep in touch! <33


Annie said...

Love your red pants! Good luck eating less chocolate :)

The Other Side of Gray

Floortje said...

good look! love your boots! xxx

Sheela said...

Great Outfit. thanks for commenting on my blog dear

love delasheela.blogspot.com

Rejina Tyson said...

Super cute outfit! Very well put together! I especially love those boots and your scarf. =0)


Anonymous said...

Love the scarf, where did you get it if I may ask?(:
And how was your new years eve?
X http://nickyvivienroding.blogspot.com

Fydez said...

Very nice and classy outfit! xx

Glam And Eggs said...

I love this whole look! Thank you for the comment on my blog! P.S. Thank you for saying that the world isn't ending! So tired of hearing that! LOL! TTYL!

Linda said...

Happy New Year!
Love the colors in your outfit, especially the jeans and scarf. You look fantastic :)


Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Great look! I love the scarf. <3<3

Under the Fluorescents said...

i love the pop of color! go for the risk!


marina miouprincess said...

so preppy and cute! thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! you look very pretty!

Irene Tran said...

I love your glasses!

Good luck on your resolution. :) I've also been trying to cut out chocolate, but it's so yummy.

Hope you're having a wonderful start to the new year. <3

Reichel said...

I like so much this look,you're so pretty :) Thanks for your comment,maybe we can follow each other :)


Jessi said...

Very cute outfit, love the red pants and the Burberry scarf! Good luck with your resolutions, I need to do the "better posture" one as well hehe. Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

Tara said...

I love the colored jeans :)


Camilla said...

happy new year!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

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Anonymous said...

One of my resolutions is to have better posture too! I'd have better luck with not eating chocolate. :( Love your jeans, by the way!

X Minty

Loretta Nguyen said...

really cute outfit!1 i love your blog!!!

follow me too :)



Poppy Male said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scarf and glasses,this outfit is adorable and chic at the same time. your so stylish :) xx poppymale.blogspot.com

Temporary:Secretary said...

Looking super lovely! Hope you have the best year yet! x

Lidiya said...

The colour of those jeans is fantastic, love! And the scarf is super pretty <3

E said...

Very chic! I love the red pants and boots!

Urszula said...

What a lovely outfit !

Judith. said...

Happy newyear too! Love your pants! X

Bonnie said...

I love the color of your pants. They definitely pop!
Happy New Year!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88


Nice Fashion blog! I love that scarf. And your neon jeans in the post below. Are you in Marco Island btw? I used to live in Naples and shot many blog outfit photos in that very same spot before ;) !!

Following you now :)

x X

Silvertigo said...

Happy New Year to you too! Love that look, lovely and classic ;) ♥ xoxo

StyleIDnet said...

Beautiful, Glamorous outfit. So casual and chic. Totally love it, can't say what I like the most ... perhaps everything.

Alejandra Sarmiento said...

I love the color of your pants. They definitely make the outfit divine! Im following you now and thanks for your sweet comment!

pia said...

love the outfit, especially the bright color of those pants !


Nisha said...

Love the colored jeans and simple outfit!

Laura said...

I am so happy you share your blog and love for fashion with us. I love your style and am envious of how easily you wear certain outfits (not sure I could rock the tights with denim shorts). Keep blogging...we are listening. :)


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