Louboutins and other faves

Wow, so I need to rant about these shoes. No, not just shoes....Christian Louboutins.
I found these babies at a local thrift store, and purchased them for an UNBELIEVABLE price. 
I still can't believe it.
They were $4.00
I know, you just gasped. I think this is seriously the hands-down-best-purchase-of-my-life. It's going to take a lot to top this steal! I really wonder what fabulous lady donated these shoes, because they are in pretty good condition. And I was amazed that they fit perfectly, too. I think this find was really a match made in heaven. 
So, I am telling ya! Go thrifting... you never know what you might find! ;) 

Cool textures, patterns, and colors galore!

And my last obsession is this mascara from Maybelline, Great Lash "Lots of Lashes."
I've never tried their original Great Lash because I've heard some negative reviews on it, but I decided to try this one because I loved the shape of the brush. It is tapered at the end, so it can reach the inner lashes. It's really important to have a skinny enough brush, or else it can make a mess on Asian eyes! So, this is definitely my go-to mascara from now on. I recommend trying it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the random things that I currently am enjoying. 



Kultur und Stil said...

what a great find, congrats!

xxx Anita

Anna im Wunderland said...

Lucky you, what an amazing find!

Rebecca said...

Possibly the biggest bargain ever? I managed to get a Prada bag for £3 once, aha.

tessawaddell said...

that's insane, such a good find!

Dianne Tho said...

uau great find. great for you

Head to Toe Chic said...

That's seriously such an amazing find! I need to go to a thrift store right now!


Well... said...

No. Freaking. Way...
Louboutins for $4????
Haha, oh man, don't you just love thrifting?
I've yet to find a high designer name like that on something I purchase from there, but wow, congrats girl, that has got to be the steal of the year or something! Haha, love those shoes. Can't wait to see you wear them :)

Don't miss out on the giveaway at my blog!


swellmayde said...

Wow! Four dollars?!?! Good find love!

- Aimee

jessica wu said...

OMG! what an amazing find! i have to congratulate you for that , haha :)

lovely post!

Jacquii Lie said...

EXCUSE ME!!! $4! Girl you just won the million dollar lottery. I am beyond jealous. Just amazing, maybe I should thrift harder. haha.

Couture Caddy

t said...

Sweet deal on those shoes!


Stylin' said...

Awesome deal!


Mila said...

Love your blog, beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe yo ufound those Louboutins for such a cheap price! Love the red soles of course...and the kitten heels are unique.

<3 Cambria

THE GIRLS♥ said...

I like very much your blog, you're beautiful! :))


jamie said...

awesome finds, girlfriend! im allergic to Maybelline so i cant try "lots of lashes" *sad face* hope youre having a great week so far babe! talk to you soon :)

<3 james

littlemissandrea said...

Such an amazing find! I've never come across anything as good!

Anonymous said...

4 DOLLARS??? I am beyond jealous! I hope you savour them and wear them all the time!! Mine last designer shoes cost me £380... ouch. And they are black and will go with everything!

Gemma x


Blackmentos said...

Louboutins! OMG no way...you are one lucky girl! If i were to get a pair I'd one the black open toe pumps cover in spikes...that' my kinda style! :p

Nice picks...I wish maybelline had a more extensive line here...I'd totally try the "lots of lashes!" then again the original great lash is absolute rubbish on asian lashes! Too wet and a lousy brush! I was glad to throw it out!

LoveLexy said...

What the heck! 4 $$??? Wow I bet there are many jealous people out there including myself! Haha <3 Cant wait to see many posts of you styling these :) And great last.. are there any waterproof versions of them? Thinking about trying them.



6 o'clock Inspiration said...

What Louboutins for $4??!! I am so jealous!
I really wanted to go thrifting but I can never find a store now I my search is on!
Great buy for you though!
check out my blog!

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