Hello, hello lovelies!

I know, I know...  I have been MIA for the past month. (For those few who noticed XD) I was in Seoul, South Korea during that time. I go to Korea almost every summer to visit my family, and I had a great time! Here are some pictures I want to share with you all.

(Blazer, H&M)
(Shorts, c/o oasap.com)
(Shoes, J. Crew)
(Crossbody, Kate Spade)

A day spent at the old Palace. 

Two dainty rings.

Huge underground shopping center! So excited to wear the stuff I got in my posts. I got a few goodies for a lucky reader coming soon. ;) 

ISN'T THIS ADORABLE?! Haha, the mom on the right definitely saw me take this picture.

Here I am eating classic Korean street food: dukboggi and ohdeng. I probably spelled all those wrong... :P

For some reason, it doesn't even feel like I ever left the States. Probably because the time I spent in Korea went by really fast! Seoul is an extremely large city, with tons of people out 24/7, amazing food wherever you go, and street vendors selling everything from knock-off bags to rice cakes. There is ALWAYS something to do, somewhere to go, and that is what I love about Seoul! 

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer. :)


p.s. Any k-pop fans out there?!


laavsh said...

it looks like you've got so much fun there :)love your Two dainty rings !

RosieB said...

Your jewellery is so beautiful! Dainty rings are my favourite! Lovely photos :)


Maite said...

i love shorts


The chic and cheap said...

beautiful photos!

The chic and cheap blog

The Simply Kelly said...

miss korea n those food!!!!!

M.W. said...

omg you're so lucky!! I need to go to korea soon.

check my blog to enter my giveaway!

Joan and Joann said...

You look so lovely in your outfit.
Beautiful pictures and the food looks so yummy.
Love, Joann

lisa signorini said...

I love your sense of style!
Visit my fashion blog and, if it like u, we can follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin!
Let me know!
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa S. per www.thecurlylady.blogspot.com

Tulip Love said...

Aww, those lacy shorts are so pretty! And I like the simple rings you wore - so feminine but subtle.

Hehe, the sleeping grandpa was cute!

LilFashionista said...

Great Pics!

Julie D. said...

I love your all white look!
Seoul looks amazing... hope I can visit one day.

Hudson East

Marika said...

Love your shorts!!
Follow my blog on http://laviecestchic.blogspot.com hope you like and join it, you're always the welcome!!
kisses and Thank you

Jessica said...

i was adopted but i was born in seoul i would love to go visit one day as i have never been grown up


the dreamer said...

I've always wanted to visit Korea. It looks like an amazingly beautiful and cultural place.

Sarah x

The Coattail Effect said...

love your first outfit! and the food looks so yummy :)


Johanna said...

Looks like a fun trip, I really love the outfit you're wearing :) Those shorts are so fabulous :) xoxo ♥

Giovanna said...

Cute photos! Loving your shorts!


Rain Aroma said...

love love all the white...so beautiful! i am a new follower:)


Anonymous said...

this whole outfit is soo cute x

&thanks for the comment on my blog:)

Tee xoxo


Sandee Royalty said...

I enjoyed your pics from Korea! I really would like to visit there someday. I love to watch Korean dramas and listen to k-pop.
from katespade-aholic.com

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