cobblestone streets

Jeans, Urban Outfitters___Jacket, my sister's___Shoes, UrbanOG.com___Bag, Burberry

Random lady with a dog... she definitely saw me taking this. (awkward)

Maple syrup mini donuts. Looks nasty, tastes yummy. 

Horse with devil horns!

Sunset on the flight back home... 

Some random pics from Montreal. Can't wait to go back!

Thank you so much for commenting and stopping by :)



le style child said...

so cool! love the color of your pants and your bag ;> x

Chai Chen said...

Nice views. :)
Love the pink jeans! :)


manu said...

nice post.

Federica said...

i love your jeans :)
i'm following you, visit my blog if you want :)

EV said...

Just gorgeous<3 & I love your Prada bag~


Rose said...

I love your pink jeans they are gorgeous! when I was in greece I traveled up to the high places where there wasnt much development and all the town folk just sat outside. The old women looked fantastic they all wore amazing head scarves and they looked like they should have been in the recent D&G ad campaign - needless to say i was too scared to take pictures of them I wish I had though :)


Rose x

Georgia said...

Hello, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Now following.
Georgia from www.fortheloveof-thrift.blogspot.com

♥ Natalie said...

Your blog is so great!!
I love your outfits and your photos!! <3


Lucy Elizabeth King said...

Great POst... Following you now :)

Rocio Otero said...

me gustan mucho tus jeans!

pásate por mi blog que tengo nuevo outfit

Ana Beatriz Paula said...

I loved your blog! :) I'm now following you. Kiss


Anonymous said...

It looks like sooo much fun there :) Love your outfit, and all the food looks yummy!

* Always, S. Louise

Clara Turbay said...

i like the way you choose how to express your fellings through this blog.

Marlen said...

Montreal looks very beautiful- I laughed at the horse with devil horns haha. And they look like they gave *the* best hot chocolate- i got swoony just looking at it!

Nici said...

Great pictures!
Your blog is really nice, girl! :)

Johanna said...

Great photography! ♥ I love your outfit, it's really cute ;)

compradora anonima said...

looks like a nice trip

Mia said...

the prada bag is such a great item

xx m


Ally Soeker said...

I love this post
I'm your newest follower on GFC!
Please visit www.gumbootglam.com to follow me back :)
xo Ally

Rubies and Emeralds said...

Those pink jeans are great, and so are these pics in general! Those maple syrup donuts look to die for!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Come back again <3


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