summer time is here again

Peach blazer and green polka dot dress. 

dress, c/o Oasap.com____Blazer, Korea____Bag, my mom's____shoes, Tj Maxx____Watch, Chanel____rings, DIY


I want to do a quick reflection on this past school year. I moved across the country last summer, and was the new girl once again. I remember my first day of school like it was yesterday: my hands were slightly shaking from nerves, I kept thinking of the worst scenarios, and I felt like a fish out of water when I was trying to find my classes in an unfamiliar building. This year was a big change for me, and quite frankly, I hated it at first. All I could think about was my old school and my friends that I missed so much! The first few weeks of school, I was so focused on making as many new friends as possible and making sure I "fit in." But that fake-ness can only go for so long, as it made me really unhappy and even more lost. So as the year went by, I matured a lot and realized it was my attitude that needed to be fixed. Instead of being so negative, I tried to focus on what I do have and what makes me happy. This made me grow into a much more independent person, and I think I truly know who I am and what I stand for. I am now very thankful for this experience. A person can only grow if they are placed outside of their comfort zone! 

Just when I started to get adjusted to my new school, I made the decision to move again this summer. It's kind of hard and long to explain, but basically I am going to college a year early. So again, I will have to pick up where I left off and start over. Well, actually not start over, but it is just another chapter of life! Although I dreaded moving last year, I can't wait to start my own life in college. I am sure that it will take time for me to adapt again, but the experiences I got this past year will help me have a positive attitude about it! Honestly, now that I have moved around so much, I think I would get really bored after living in one place for more than five years. 

Change can be scary and it is definitely harder to take the road less traveled. But if there is one thing this year taught me, it is that change should be embraced because you never know what opportunities lay ahead unless you take a chance!

Thank you all so much for reading, and here's to a summer full of memories!

xo, Dahye

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Christeen Cereno said...

Wow that mint polkadot dress looks so pretty in you ♥

Meisza Adilla Herssy said...

I love ur polka dress, really cute <3
I follow ur blog, i hope u can follow back me. Thank u <3



Annie L said...

The polka dots are perfect, love that dress!
Following you.
xo Annie

Jacqueline said...

it's a lovely dress, I know what you mean about moving and starting over. As an ESL teacher I have moved from country to country for work, and it was hard at the start, but now, as you said, I am a lot more focused on who I am and what I want. Change should be embraced for sure, and I hope you have a lovely summer :)

Stephanie Lin said...

Oh I just love the colors in your look. And the polka dots are too cute. Best of luck with your big changes. Taking chances is always so scary, but they make life so much more exciting!

gita felinda said...

I like your style, i will following you now.. Hope you foolme back


Anisacrament said...

very cool sleek look!


Christina Chen said...

You're absolutely right, change can be a very scary thing sometimes. You leave the security of your comfort zone and all your familiar surroundings to start anew, meeting new people and trying to adapt to a new environment. I'm really proud of you for seeing the positive in things. I think you'll find that as you go through life, you'll continue to encounter major life changes and decisions, but I'm confident that you will adjust well. You seem like a very adaptable and level headed person who will find the beauty in every new situation. Life is an adventure, enjoy every moment!!
Plus, I know you'll live it in style! You look absolutely stunning in this outfit! I love the dress :)

Sunny with a side of...
Glad I found your blog today!

Linda Greaves said...

First of all: your mint polka dot dress is so lovely and summer-ready, especially paired with the light pink cardi!
Secondly: good luck on your new venture! A year early and starting college? You are one smart gal. I'm sure you experiences from before will make your new start a better one. Just stay yourself and the right people will be drawn to you :)

Trendy Teal

Ileana said...

This dress is adorable! And it looks really beautiful with the shade of the blazer


Rosie said...

You look gorgeous! Glad you managed to make the best of your school year after a tricky start :)


theresia mannuela said...

so pretty with your polkadot dress ka :)
I'm following you now,wanna follow each other ka ? :)

let me know ka

Ollie said...

you look so cute :3

Stylish By Nature said...

Lovely pics, lovely dress and lovely you :)

❤ StylishByNature.com

stylishvue said...

Love this look! The jacket is such a pretty colour and the dress is so pretty.
Laura. xx


Jodie said...

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
You look fantastic I love that dress
Good luck with the move- I changed school for the last two years because I always wanted a change and it felt great- I worked agency for two years and I thrive on the constant change :) it brings out the best in people

silvioafonso said...


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Te espero lá.

Beijos, tô te seguindo.



Alexandra Zakharova said...

Such a pretty stylish outfit, you look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such a nice post! Gladly followed you on Bloglovin', hope you can do same;)
Have a happy time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Sissa said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment! :)

I remember the situation of being 'the new girl' as well, it is always awkward when everybody else is familiar with each other since kindergarden or so...
But just like you said, cpoing with those situations makes you strong...
And moving is really addicting, I am constantly thinking about moving, couldn't imagine to stay at one place for 10 years or so...

Drop by soon again :) Follow me on bloglovin if you like ;)

<3 Sissa


Cindi said...

So jealous of that beautiful mintgreen dress :)



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Anonymous said...

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Patrícia M. said...

So sweet outfit! I'm adoring your style!
Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you.


Kierra Makayla said...

Awh, your outfit is so cute! I love it. xoxo


Anonymous said...

i love your outfit and it's cute! :) xoxo

MuShii said...

I absolutely love your outfit ! It's so adorable !

Good luck with your college life !

Ira Kharchenko said...

Nice pics! Have a wonderful weekend:)


Paola Lauretano said...

Amazing look.... lovely dress!
Would you like to follow each other?

Claudia P. said...

Love your dress and the colour is absolutely beautiful.
Thank you so much for your visit on my blog and comment. If you wish to follow eachother let me know. I would love to.:)
Claudia P.

Christina Thorup said...

Loved the blazer and dress!! xx

Christina xx

lucia m said...

perfect dress!



Debra Bros said...

I love this outfit! the dress is amazing! Great find :)


Noé said...

Oooh, your dress is the cutest !!
I love the pink and blue color together, it's so feminine and sweet like a candy.

"A person can only grow if they are placed outside of their comfort zone! "
That's so true, I love this sentence. I think it's the reason why I love to travel, I always feel I'm a new person when I'm back home. It's only when we move and discover new things that we can learn, and be someone better.

Couleur Spleen.

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

Super chic!

ox from NYC!


Anonymous said...

You look so stunning! Love the dress!:)


Anonymous said...

You look so stunning! Love the dress!:)


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