Italy Day 5: ROME

Laduree in Rome!
Dress, Erin Fetherston____Shoes, New Balance____Bag, J. Crew____Sunglasses, Chloe____Watch, Target____Rings, DIY

When in Rome... I think Rome is the city that really made me fall deep in love with Italy. Everything about the city is beautiful and rich in history. The people are friendly, the food is amazing, and the street fashion is on point. There is so much to see in Rome, but it is all within walking distance from each other so we were able to see many of the major tourist spots in one day. 

Current update from Korea: Today, I went to a mNet K-pop concert! It was jam packed with die-hard fans (ahem.. me), and the venue was first-come-first-served standing room. We managed to squeeze near the stage and I was on TV for a whole 5 seconds! Very exciting in my book. It was awesome to see my favorite korean singers live, and so up close. I will post pictures when I get back to the States!

Summer is definitely flying by too fast, but I hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks!

xo, Dahye

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Every Wear I Go said...

LOVE that dress!


#Zosia# said...

love the look but If I were you I would change the shoes :)
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Lisa said...

love that dress the bows on the back are ADORABLE!! I die for rome!! didn't realize rome has a laduree!! yums!!

Sianna Marinova said...

I just can't stop looking at the bag!

Rowan Reiding said...

WOW WOW WOW! I really need to visit Rome sometime! But Barcelona is good for now as well ;)

Anyway, love what you're wearing! Those sneakers are rad!



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Nathan Moy said...

Awww the double bow in the back is adorable! Just followed you on bloglovin' and GFC, like your original style and your outfits <3 Btw, do take a look at my new outfit resort post from my trip to Los Angeles featuring leg-elongating wide legged trousers (if you're into that sorta' thang lol), let me provoke you away! ;)

xx The Provoker

Cindy said...

I absolutely loveeee your dress! Looks like you're having an amazing time :)

Claudia Mimi said...

What lovely photos Dahye!!!! I miss Italy everyday, but i'm planning a big trip for next year...your outfit is so cute- you are definately one stylish tourist! hehe xxx


Amanda Chic said...

Love your dress!! you are pretty
Amazing pics

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A chic kiss ;)

Amanda Chic said...

COol pics!!

twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
Fashion room lounge

A chic kiss ;)

Jacqueline (Chic Advisor) said...

beautiful smile.
Love the back of that dress.

Cheers, Jacquie

Cassandra Too said...

You look so cute in the dress and I like how you style it with the pair of sneakers! :D

Oh and must be so much fun to go to a mnet concert, I need to go to korea someday to do that!

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with love, Cassandra xx

Rakel said...

love it!


Am2Pm Chic said...

The dress look gorgeous on you. Great picture, too.


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