Plaid shirt, Zara____Crop top, local boutique____Skirt and clutch, American Apparel____Shoes, Target____hat, J. Crew

Photos by Camille


Eighteen is only a year difference from seventeen, but it sounds so much older and mature for some reason. I guess it's with good reason because I can now drink, get a tattoo, vote, buy a car, own property all under my own name, and be seen as an "adult" by the government. Doesn't mean I'm going to be doing any of those things anytime soon (well maybe except the drinking part) but now that I'm eighteen, I COULD IF I WANNA. 

Growing up, becoming 18 years old sounded like a far-off fantasy of freedom and doing things my own way. Now that the day is here, I realize that it's just another birthday and I feel the same as I did as a seventeen year old. But I do believe that I am growing more and more independent, finding who I truly am and what I really love about life each day. Already this year, I went through a lot of "firsts" that is a part of becoming an adult. I moved out of my parents' house, got into college, got my first job, all the while trying to cook for myself (aka cereal and frozen fruit) and realizing that spending $5 a day at Starbucks seriously adds up fast. It's an exciting transition time in my life, but I am going to miss how people tend to forgive you easier for mistakes and stuff because "awww, she is ONLY seventeen years old!" 

I don't know about you, or if it's just me trying to be "deep" and over-analyze my life, but birthdays really make me reflect back on the past. I know, I know, I am still young and what do I really have to reflect on? But seriously, I think about all of the different schools and places I went to, and friends I've met, and the "phases" I've gone through up until today. I'm not going to get into an overly long rant about my personal life on my very public blog here, but basically, my life has gone through a couple of 180 degree changes. Just when you think you know how life will plan out, plans radically change. It really sucks when that happens because you feel out of control and confused. I've learned to just work hard everyday, appreciate the weeks, and cherish the months that add up to a year in no time. No matter what happens, whether it be good or bad, everything becomes a distant memory as time goes by and I think it is those memories that makes everybody's life their own unique story. I know that my life is not going to go perfectly according to plan, but I am certain that it will somehow pan out in the most twisted, random, but perfect way. 

Cheers to eighteen years of living! Now, I must stuff myself with sushi and cake. 



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Vivian Le said...

Happy 18th Birthday Dahye! I often reflect back on life every year and take a stroll down memory lane too! I wish you the best year yet and have fun and enjoy life! You have so much in front of you:) Best wishes.
-Vivian from stylemeendless

Samantha Mariko said...

thumbs up for this outfit! Enjoy your 18th year:)

Unknown said...

happy 18th! :D I recently turned 30 and went "Whoa!" I remember the last time I felt that feeling or age/time moving so fast was when I turned 18. I think your ideas about not sticking to deeply to plans is a very good idea, and makes you sound like a wise, wise old woman. :)
cute grunge shirt.

Unknown said...

Happy B-day! :D you look fantastic! :D
visit my blog

Jane said...

Super cool <3

LoveYourEgo said...

Happy Birthday! I know what a difference the 8 makes :D
I really love this look! Switch the clutch for a skateboard and you'd be such a cool and laidback skater girl :D


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Emily Chung said...

Love! Happy birthday, my fab blogger friend :)

Unknown said...

happy birthday :) wish you have a great life


Sophie said...

Love what you wrote !! :)

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