Chanel Boy Bag iPhone Case

Chanel boy iPhone 5 Case
chanel boy bag iphone case
chanel boy bag iphone case
chanel boy bag iphone case
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American Apparel denim bag
chanel boy bag iphone case
chanel boy bag iphone case
Jacket, Forever21____Crop top and skirt, American Apparel____Jean bag, American Apparel____Shoes, Zara____watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs____phone, Ebay

Happy Easter everyone!!! 

I am currently back at my parents' house for the weekend, and enjoying the sunshine and warmth to the max. As the semester is coming to a really quick end, I have multiple papers to work on. It's so bad because i'm definitely procrastinating more now that the weather is nice, and we all feel a little lazier as summer break approaches, right? ONE MONTH LEFT! 

I like to blame a lot of things on the warming weather, and one of them is my increased shopping. Haha, but c'mon, I'm coming out of my "all black errthang" winter hibernation. This light pink moto jacket is a breath of fresh, spring air to me. I usually don't buy faux leather from Forever 21, but this jacket material is impressively high in quality and doesn't have that cheap/shiny leather look. And can we please take a moment to acknowledge my new phone case? Yes, the chain does get kind of annoying, but I am obsessed with it! A mini chanel boy bag... can't afford the real thing, so this will do for now ;)

Hope you all had a beautiful Easter Sunday, and thank you so much for reading as always! 

xo, Dahye

p.s. check out the mini vlog video I made on the same day! 


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