Romper, Artizia____Sandals, Aldo____Sunglasses, karen Walker 'Super Duper'____Earrings, street stand in Soho

Photos by Emily

I have a love/hate relationship with rompers.

On the love side, they are great because you have a whole outfit solved with a single piece of clothing. On the hate side, they are usually super short and it is a two-day trip every time you go to the bathroom. But love conquers all, right? 

These pictures were taken during my stay in NYC, this time exploring the financial district and Brooklyn Bridge area with Emily. The weather was fantastic (great picture lighting) and it was less congested with tourists. (lol, I was one of those tourists...) 

Looking ahead, I am SO SO excited to share pictures from my trip to Spain!!! I filled up two memory cards, so many exciting posts coming up. I am now back at my parents' house in the States, where I am taking a quick break before I leave again for South Korea. I think my body is like immune to jet lag now... 

xo, Dahye


Sheila said...

Ah! I just got back not too long ago from my trip to NY and I miss it! I loved exploring Brooklyn. :) These are great pictures! And I know how you feel.. I have a love/hate relationship with rompers too especially going to the bathroom part. -_-

xo - Sheila

Sheila said...
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Анастасия Глушкова said...

Beautiful and comfortable look. Follow you

Ina R. said...

Beautiful photos! And you have such flawless legs, perfect for this romper! Reaööy cute look!

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