Sweater, c/o Miamasvin.net (link here)____Boots, Zara____necklace, H&M

Photos by Katia

Like a slap in the face, final exam time is here. This long sweater dress has been my wearable blanket for the long days spent studying at the library and various cafes. (Outfit-repeating guilt level 9000.) The accumulated hours of typing on my laptop and sitting with bad posture is catching up to me big time. I feel like an old lady with my achy wrists and strained neck muscles, but at least it's giving me a reason to go for massages and hot yoga classes. (which is not cheap, but hey, health is first)

Just a few more weeks to go before finishing off another semester. I'm trying to keep it cool, but the thought of my linear algebra final makes me want to binge on dark chocolate as a condolence. happy thoughts, happy thoughts. 

 Good luck to all the students out there!

xo, Dahye


Samantha Mariko said...

this minimalistic outfit is sheer perfection! looks so awesome with your hair <3

Milex said...

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