Red in Reina Sofia Museum

Shirt, Vero Moda____Shorts, Abercrombie____Shoes, Urban outfitters____Bag, Bershka 

This is a go-to travel outfit. A classic combination with easy summer colors can never go wrong. I wore this while we were discovering the modern arts featured at the Reina Sofia museum. I have to be honest and say that modern art is not my cup of tea. I mean my sister is in love with Joan Miro, but I prefer paintings from the renaissance and classical era. Either way, the museum's architecture was a unique combination of modern and classic styles, which was a beautiful place! 

Update from Korea

Shopping, eating, and meeting lots of new people! I'm really impressing myself with how well I am restraining myself from buying everything little thing I see. I think my style has evolved away from cutesy korean street style... I'd much rather just shop at Zara here too. It's been a challenge to keep updating my blog regularly because of the time change and overall hecticness of being in seoul. (I know hecticness is not a word... just go with it) 

And here's my self-promotion line of the day: follow me on insta @HEYDAHYE for daily updates on what I'm up to! 

xo, Dahye



Crop tank, Topshop____Shorts, c/o Front Row Shop____Sneakers, Seavees for Gap____Jewelry, c/o Infinitine

First outfit post from Spain: 

Here is what I wore last week the first day we landed in Spain. The weather was absolutely beautiful, with tons of sunshine and hot enough to feel like summer, without melting your face off. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it was not humid at all, so when you're in the shade, it is actually pretty cool.

Okay enough boring talk about the weather... So on our first full day of touring, we first stopped to see the Sagrada Familia, then walked over to Guell Parc, which is where I took these pictures. Breath taking, stunning, unforgettable are just a few words to describe this place. The views and architecture are truly one of a kind, with Gaudi's signature mosaic tiles. We then had dinner at Cerveceria Catalana, famous for their tapas. Let me tell you, the foie gras tapas was mind blowing. Ugh, makes me crave it thinking about it as I write this post... 

Barcelona is a vibrant city with so much color everywhere, it is hard not to fall in love right away. I'm going to post more pictures and a vlog up within these next few weeks. Can't wait to share the moments with you all! 

xo, Dahye



Jacket, ZARA____Top, American Apparel____Shorts, thrifted Levi's____Boots, Zara____Sunglasses, Karen Walker 'super duper'

Photos by Emily 

Living with an Empire state of mind. quite literally, as my friends are lucky enough to have a close view of the Empire State building from their window. Emily (I think you guys are familiar with her by now) and I had a mini photoshoot on her rooftop. The lighting was so amazing, and the view was just the perfect quintessential NYC skyline. It's fun to look down from the building and watch the hustle and bustle of the city from a more tranquil place above. 

As for my outfit, I went for a biker look with lots of black leather. idk, tryna look like a tough new yorker I guess? 

Where am I now?!:

I am currently in Seoul, South Korea!!! This week was super hectic as I was in three different continents and time zones in three days. I am seriously immune to jet lag now, or maybe I am just running on the adrenaline of traveling and meeting friends and family. My first night after landing in Seoul, I met up with my good friend, and we did not waste any time at all. Every minute of the waking day, we are doing something. There is seriously so much to do in Seoul, even though I go to the same places each summer, it is always so fun. I know I shouldn't be saying this already, but I do not want summer to end!!!

Hope everyone is doing well and watch out for my posts from Spain~~

xo, Dahye



Romper, Artizia____Sandals, Aldo____Sunglasses, karen Walker 'Super Duper'____Earrings, street stand in Soho

Photos by Emily

I have a love/hate relationship with rompers.

On the love side, they are great because you have a whole outfit solved with a single piece of clothing. On the hate side, they are usually super short and it is a two-day trip every time you go to the bathroom. But love conquers all, right? 

These pictures were taken during my stay in NYC, this time exploring the financial district and Brooklyn Bridge area with Emily. The weather was fantastic (great picture lighting) and it was less congested with tourists. (lol, I was one of those tourists...) 

Looking ahead, I am SO SO excited to share pictures from my trip to Spain!!! I filled up two memory cards, so many exciting posts coming up. I am now back at my parents' house in the States, where I am taking a quick break before I leave again for South Korea. I think my body is like immune to jet lag now... 

xo, Dahye

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