These are a few of my favorite things

It has been rainy the past few days, so I couldn't go outside to take pictures. I decided that it would be fun to show you some bits and pieces of my jewelry/accessory collection. :)

Everything in my "collection" has been gained slowly since I was in elementary school. I love how with every necklace, earring, or ring, I can remember where I got it. Every piece has its own little story behind it!

I got this skater figurine at a Nationals USFS competition a few years ago. 

I was obsessed with Juicy Couture in middle school. Now, I barely wear these necklaces!

I got this silver platter from a thrift store for $0.99! It makes a great display for my rings.

I made this Chanel flap bag in my ceramics class at school! The pearl strap and the logo was supposed to be white, but I used the wrong glaze color. :/ I think the blue still looks cool though!

I throw my headbands in this hand-painted basket.

Stash of sunglasses. Randomness at its peak.

I made this piece in my ceramics class as well. Currently stores cotton balls :)

I hope you guys are all having a great summer!!! 




looks like you have quite the collection! cute rings!

Kaśq. said...

love this things !

Virginnia Elaine said...

I love the Chanel ceramic work! I love ceramics, but I never would have thought of doing something like that. You are inspiration, love your blog.

Justina said...

I would love to just sit and go through all of that all day. You've got a gorgeous collection!


Taylor Morgan said...

love seeing your favorite things! just stumbled upon your blog, hope you will visit mine.

Love from NYC,


Cat's Eyes said...

i love every photoes!! i follow you, i like your blog. I'll wait you on my "new" blog, if you want.
have you a nice week <3

E said...

Gorgeous pieces! I wish my accessories were so photogenic!

hollyfoxenwells { threelayercake.blogspot.com } said...

Love the ceramics pieces you made! I still have some from high school that I use as planters! The wrong glaze on the Chanel bag came out cool!

holly foxen wells

Bego My Chic Closet said...

cute complements!

The Coattail Effect said...

the dish from the thrift store is a great idea--it makes it easier to accessorize if its all laid out nicely for you to see :) and your ceramic pieces are so cute! turned out way better than mine from high school...haha they're lopsided and horrendous :P


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