... and ===

^^ The title of this post probably doesn't make any sense. But it is the fruit of my creativity (rather dried up) that came up with this innovative title. The periods (...) stands for "dots," and the equal signs (===) are supposed to stand for "stripes." If anyone got it, MAJOR brownie points to you. :) Anyways, here is my outfit featuring dots and stripes, tied together with pops of primary colors.

(Top, Forever21)
(Skirt, Gilly Hicks)
(Shoes, Gap)
(Bag, my mom's)
(Strawberry necklace, Juicy Couture)
(Watch, Target)

Soooooooo, apparently I need another Physical education credit in order to graduate at my new high school... Lucky, lucky me gets to have swimming class every single day for the rest of the school year. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic.) Nothing against swimming, but it's just an extra hassle to change out, get wet, ruin make-up, etc... sigh, boys have it so easy in this field. So, if my hair is slightly damp in any of my future posts, now you know why! 



A Mode World said...

Love the stripes and polka dots combo. xA

LinasStyle said...

Lovely look, looking really pretty!!


Joan and Joann said...

...and=== This is very clever and No I did not get it.lol.
Love your outfit.
love, Joann

le style child said...

haha awe good luck with your class! love your mixing of patterns x

bloo90fashion said...

Such a beautiful set !! ;-)


The Indie said...

You look beautiful love, I love stripes and polka dots :) And good luck with swimming. Lol @ guys have it easy, isn't that a fact of life?


The Simply Kelly said...

sweet !!!!!

.sabo skirt. said...

Cute polka dots skirt! We like it!

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Ileana said...

Love this look!!! That skirt is really really reallllyyy adorable!

Sparkle said...

love ur polka dot skirt, so pretty!


Cari said...

Love your skirt !!!

Tati B said...

love your polka dots skirt!!
please visit my blog , i would love to know what you think.

Chai Chen said...

I love your skirt! Hope I can get one of 'em too :)

Good luck in your swimming so as to finish school. :)


Vilte said...

This is a bit random but I love the places in which you take your pictures, they strangely remind me of my summer holidays!



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