pink olive

(Top, Gap)
(Shorts, Talbots)
(Sparkly Shoes, Urban Outfitters)
(Bag, Vintage Coach)

Pink and olive green is one of my favorite color combinations. I got the blouse from Gap for a steal a super long time ago, but this is my first time wearing it! As you can see, there is an awkward crease line that goes straight across my torso. That's probably because it was folded, and shoved away in a dark, rarely visited corner of my drawers. Now that I am reorganizing everything, I am finding long-forgotten clothes left and right! 

My hair is not long enough, and I am not "hipster" enough to do an ombre on my hair tips, so why not incorporate the trend to my nails? I realized that I own every shade of yellow nail polish that exists under the sun. Which is odd because I'm not particularly fond of yellow nails. But the shades make for great ombre nails, with a sparkly polish at the end. 

And, please try to ignore my chubby fingers. I consider them "baby fat." 



Steven Brown said...

Wow love this little number. I have been following you...and I hope you can check out my site: http://theproverbs.net ..make sure you have joined :)

Gail and Rhoda said...

This outfit is fabulous! I love simple shorts and tops outfit. They are my casual summer uniforms. ~ Rhoda

Emma Gaudet said...

you are so adorable! this outfit is absolutely lovely! I love how you incorporated the ombre into your nails! super cool! :) xxx love you blog!

xxx emma kathleen

Lauren Jade said...

Love your shirt! x

Currently hosting a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to be in with the chance of winning a pair of galaxy print leggings! Last few days!


Yajaira said...

cute outfit
love the color of the shorts
love your nails


Cari said...

Love your nails and shorts,Thanks for your lovely comment :)


The Butterfly Secret said...

I Love your hair! You look great!

helen at thelovecatsINC said...

you look so good!

from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

ps. please feel free to enter my new giveaway! you can win one of two big jewellery and accessory prizes!

Anonymous said...

Long forgotten clothes are everywhere for me. I tend to just rewear the clothes that I have on top of my pile of clothes, but I've gotten down and actually cleaned out my wardrobe just a couple of weeks back!

Love your nails! The different colours really match your outfit. And no way are your fingers chubby!

Ally Munda said...

A little ironing should do away with that crease just fine. And I love ALL THE COLORS..whoopsie I mean SHADES, of yellow! So pretty.


Ashleigh Nicole said...

Very cute and I love the nails! xo



Great colour combi, love the outfit :)


Francesca said...

I don't see this colour combination much but I really think it's awesome. Super cute blog!


LiaM said...

beautiful hair and grat colour compination!!!



Bree said...

Like your top and bag.


Anonymous said...

Great color combination and nail polish. Lovely blog, visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow on GFC and bloglovin and I will follow back

Geovana Cybele said...

Love the Blog ... Kisses.
Visit and follow ...

Maria Chloe said...

Love the colors(:

tini tani said...

Hi, honey! I really liked your blog, you have great photos! Now, I am your faithful follower! I really hope that you enjoy my blog and you will be my follower!)))) Miss you, kiss!

CY said...

Your hair color looks so unique in that first pic! What colors are they?! I love it!


Sania Cuk said...

love ur nails!


Borjana said...

WOW!I'm obsessed with this,honey!:)

Anonymous said...

Love the nails girl, super cute! & I also really love your blouse :)

Stop by sometime, Natalie xo

grace said...

we LOVE this color combo as well :) our shop is called Pink Olive! looks great!

Ashley Udoh said...

I've never thought of using these two colors together, but it looks great.


Chai Chen said...

Great color combination indeed! :)
Love how you did it!

Your nails are fab even w/o full hombre.:)


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