another day, another month, another chapter

Olive crop top, Love Culture____Shorts, Korea____Shoes, Kelsi Dagger____Clutch, Korea____Jean jacket, Hollister____Ring, Juicy Couture____Earrings, Forever21____Fashion Stickers, c/o Tiklyz

And here we are in August. A month of winding down from lazy summer days and preparing for the coming school year, all the while enjoying the sticky humid weather. Many of you are probably in a similar situation as I am: preparing to leave for college! I've been packing, saying good-bye to close friends, and trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to fit all of my clothes in a tiny apartment. Growing up, I could not wait for the day I move out of my parents' house and start my own life. But now that the day is here, (or more specifically tomorrow morning is my flight) I feel excited, nervous, ready, anxious, and terrified all at the same time. Does anybody know a word to describe that feeling? I also spent a whole day cleaning up my Facebook profile because I don't think I would want my college friends to see embarrassing mirror selfies of me in middle school. (Not cute.) But looking at old pictures with friends was a great walk down memory lane, and it's crazy to think how fast time has gone by. The years only go faster, and I am already excited for the new people, experiences, and lessons that are to come! 

xo, Dahye

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Weronika said...

gorgeous look! :)

The Indie said...

You look gorgeous! I absolutely love the shorts!

This year has been going by crazy fast, especially this summer. Congrats on entering your freshman year! This is such an exciting time for you!

Sheila said...

Love the skirt and your eyeliner!

xo - Sheila

#Zosia# said...

great make-up :)))
visit my blog

MakeupProgression said...

I like your shorts! So cute

Lizz F said...

gorgeous look. i know the feeling I'm leaving for college at the end of the month!



Marianne said...

You have a beautiful blog! :) I can't believe it's already august!!

xx Marianne


BeLL LurzZzzz said...

really gorgeous!


Jacqueline said...

haha, how cute to clean up your FB profile, I doubt your new college friends will care about selfies: they surely have some too.
I love the colour of your skirt, that rusty pink. gorgeous. :)
It's exciting that your flight is tomorrow, i'm sure you'll have an awesome time.

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little. said...

cute shorts<3

Kathleen Lisson said...

Great bag!

Maddie said...

Those shorts are really lovely! Such a great outfit! :)


Ice Pandora said...

Very lovely look, love the
pink shorts c; Xx

India said...

You look so pretty! Love your top!

t said...

Cute shorts!


Arden said...

I am loving your accessories, with special love to your fabulous clutch! xx

Carina said...

Best of luck with college! I am sure you will absolutely love it..I am in my first year of college (or university as it is called in Australia) and I am thoroughly enjoying the independence and freedom it presents, that is being able to study what I want.

Your outfit is so lovely. And your eyeliner is, wow, fabulous!

xx Carina

Milex said...

I just love it so much

Carmen Pastor said...


Valerie said...

so cute love your look and I love crop top.


Paige said...

Love the photographs that skirt is too cute! x


E said...

Very cute! I love that skirt!

Janne said...

I undestand that you have all those feelings. It's a big thing! Love your skirt :)

Shandrese/ Natalia said...

lovely outfit!


Beauty Follower said...



Gaby de Modacapital said...

Hi!! :)
I really like your blog and your style!
I´m following you :)
maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too,
and if you like it, follow me back!

Cassandra Dotzel said...

Love this look- such a great color combo. Congrats on moving out and getting your own apartment! I did it at 18 too. Let the adventure begin. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm now following, I hope you'll follow too.



Tra Mi Nguyen said...

Lovely items, nice outfit. I like how you draw the eye liner a lot too.


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