Five Fall/Winter Jackets

The weather got drastically cooler this week, which means it is time to dig down deep in your closet and bring back the good old winter jackets. I know, I also hate having to cover my outfit in a huge blanket-esque piece of clothing. But, here are some jacket options that are both cute and keep you from freezing!

I think we can all agree that the varsity jacket is a relatively new trend, and it is seriously everywhere. I love this black and white one with pleather sleeves because it is the modern, grown-up version of your high school varsity jacket. 

I kind of have a love-hate relationship with the anorak jacket. I love it because it is a more casual coat that is really functional with any outfit. But, I also hate it because I think every girl and their mother has a version of this coat. Seriously, I think 80% of my girls at my school have something similar to it. But it's probably because it is so functional and cute!

I love, LOVE shearling jackets for their cropped and fitted fit. This jacket is also a great option for when a night on the town, when a leather jacket is too cold to wear. 

A new trend in jackets this season is the "cocoon" style. Which is really what it's called: an oversized, loose, and minimalistic design. This style of jacket was everywhere on the runway, from Celine to Acne. It is like a chic and wearable jacket, and what is not to love about that?

And to finish the list on a boring note, the classic black coat is and will always be a great fall/winter jacket. There is really no going wrong on a black coat with a simple design. So if you don't have one yet, I recommend investing in a nice one because it will be a loyal friend for years.

Hope this post gave you some ideas on what kind of coat to get for this season! Check out the great selection at Persunmall.com 

Stay warm, 


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LoveYourEgo said...

Okay! I love the varsity jacket, the classic (but with a little bit of an embellishment) and the shearling jacket but I have a love-hate relationship with anoraks. They keep you so warm but outfitwise I think they don't look that good. There are some exceptions but most of them aren't my thing...

#Zosia# said...

my favourite is the first one :)))
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CelyneGlam said...

great blog, wonderful photos!!
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Karla Bathrick said...

I love the jacket, it suits you! x
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Dexter jazz said...

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