the black and white theory

Blouse, H&M____Jacket, Korea____Pants, Theory____Shoes, Target

Photos by Sarah-Emily

My style is always evolving, and I think I am going through a phase where all I want to wear is black and white. But, I think this phase will evolve into a way of life. I got these silk pants from Theory, and I love how it is a dressed up version of track pants. 

Happy Monday!

xo, Dahye

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Jacqueline Stewart said...

black and white is a pretty nice monochromatic existence, but i crave color every now and then. :D

andysparkles said...

so impressed! great look and photos.


#Zosia# said...

good choice: my favourites colors! :D
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natalia wijaya said...

what a cool pants <3


Gabbie said...

amazing bag!


Johanna V said...

Very nice look! I love the black and white :) There's actually a black and white look on my blog now, too. :D It's such a great, timeless combo. ♥

X J said...

love this outfit, very pretty pictures x

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