a daily outfit and hair tuck

Coat, H&M____Turtle neck, c/o Littleblack.com____Pants, Zara____Hat, J.Crew____Backpack, Korea

This is my go-to, never-fail outfit. Leather pants with fleece lined leggings under them act like stylish snow pants. And the hair tuck, can never go wrong! My roots are going crazy under my hat, and I'm contemplating whether or not I should go back to brown... 

My school work load has been pretty light lately, so I have lots of time to devote to my house-hunting!! I loveeee interior design and i'm so excited to decorate my own flat. I hope I can find the perfect place in the city. 

xo, Dahye


KaiLe Chung said...

I love your blog and admire your perseverance to post outfits despite the cold haha!

Winscribbles said...

I think this outfit is so simple, looks easy, but so chic and stylish at the same time. I really like your hair color, I think it suits you well. ah I tried that shade so many times but it never stayed light enough :'(


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