bye bye blondie

Coat, Philip Lim____Leather jacket, Zara____Sweater, Ralph Lauren____Jeans, UO____Shoes, Zara____Watch, Daniel Wellington____black and silver bracelet, c/o Joseph Nogucci____Small string bracelets, c/o Be Arum

I already miss my blonde hair. :/ 

Combination of needing to take a professional headshot pic, entering university next fall, and getting sick of bleaching my hair led me to go back to brown. I still really love the chocolate brown inspired by Olivia Palermo, but I can't help to mourn the platinum girl inside me. #SobStory

But finally it's warming up! FINALLYYYYY 

I'm on my spring break right now. I visited New York City for a few days. It was so amazing to experience the city again, this time with a really special person. <3

Some exciting updates: 
- got into the university I wanted!
- moving to a new place in May 
- purchased a light bulb ceiling planter... google it. it's the best thing everrrr! 

xo, Dahye


Jeannie C said...

Congratulations on the positive life changes!


Emilie Jean said...

In love with the jacket along with those amazing boyfriend jeans! ♡♡


KaiLe Chung said...

Hey Dahye!

Such a weird change seeing your hair back to the dark side! It suits you either way, tbh! And yay to the great news!


KaiLe Chung


Winscribbles said...

oooo new hair color! I think this shade looks pretty on you. I get what you mean with missing the blonde though. I am like that too.

love the mix of texture here!

The chic and cheap said...

so many changes!
congrats on the uni! which one is it?

looking stunning as a brunette!
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Jade Goodwin said...

love the shoes so much!


Miya Xiao said...

Nice coat. :)


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