Striped top + Black trench coat in LONDON

Trench and skirt, c/o Dynamite____striped top, c/o Miamasvin.net____Bag, H&M____Shoes, c/o Miamasvin.net

wheewwww that was a weekend. I am back from my impromptu trip to London! It was really random, but I could not pass up the occasion to return to the UK after a long eight years. I usually hate skipping school, as it kind of makes me anxious, but honestly it was well worth it. 

It was perfect timing to bust out my new trench coat from Dynamite for the chilly spring climate. I love how this one is loosely structured and lightweight, making it versatile for the moody weather. 

I will be posting more pictures from London soon :) Until then, cheerio. 

xo, Dahye 


Sarah said...

This outfit is awesome and your photos are so lovely! I adore the striped blouse and black skirt combo. :)

Katia Houle said...

Loving your outfit and taking over of strangers' doorsteps

Winscribbles said...

sweet sneakers! how do you like London?!


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