Tweed jacket, c/o Sheinside.com____White shirt, H&M____black sweater, Zara____boots, Zara

My friend was kind enough to run outside with me in -20 degrees Celcius weather to take some pictures for me. 

In more super Canadian news, I am going to my first official professional Canadian hockey game tomorrow! Poutine and all, it's going down eh. 

xo, Dahye



striped top c/o LittleBlack.com____pants, vintage____sunglasses, Karen Walker 'Super Duper' 

Our hotel balcony had the best view of the Seville Cathedral, and the main pedestrian street below. It was amazing to fall asleep to the sounds of people and music below us, and the glow of Christmas lights. 

My semester has been off to a great start. I have a day off on Wednesday, which feels like a mini weekend in the middle of the week, which I will use to my advantage for blogging and school work! 

xo, Dahye


Sevilla outfit 2: leather top and checked skirt

Turtle neck sweater c/o LittleBlack.com____Skirt, The Bay____Leather top, French Connection____Coat, Gap____Bag, Alexander Wang____Shoes, Topshop____Sunglasses, Karen Walker 'Super Duper'

Honestly, just don't even look at my outfit. 

Clearly, the focal point of these photos is the background that is literally straight out of a story book. This is in Seville, a smaller city that retained its old world charm and character. Every single street and alley is filled with brightly colored houses, that I felt as if I was walking through a theme park. Also, Seville is less crowded than Madrid or Barcelona so that was nice. 

Now I'm back in Montreal. IT. IS. SO. COLD. It's my last semester at the college I'm going to right now, and I already know it's going to fly by. 

xo, Dahye


Places to visit in Seville, Spain : Alcazar Palace, Seville Cathedral, Plaza de Espana

Alcazar Palace. The architecture and design are inspired by both Spanish and Middle Eastern styles, creating a colorful European oasis. The extensive garden is stunning and I was so impressed at how well maintained it is. Signature to Seville, there was an abundance of orange trees throughout. I never knew how beautiful a fruit tree could be! 

Seville Cathedral. Of course, the cathedral itself is a masterpiece and gilded in gold. But what I loved the most was walking up the tower to see this breath taking view of the town. The weather was perfect, without a cloud in the sky. How unreal does the sky look here? 

On our last day in Seville, we walked to Plaza de Espana. I thought I was transported into a snow globe. A clean stream of water with gondolas, and horse carriages complete this story book like ambiance. The entire half-circle is tiled with mosaics, representing the cities of Spain. I'm always so amazed at the attention to detail, and how every single square foot is unique. 

Europe is filled with so much historic sites. I love walking through cobble stone paths and think how people have been walking the exact same streets for centuries. Seville is such a beautiful, clean, and friendly city. Definitely a must-see when in Spain. 

xo, Dahye


super comfortable travel outfit feat. CULOTTES

culottes c/o LittleBlack.com____coat, Gap____Scarf, Nordstrom____Shoes, Topshop____Bag, Alexander Wang 'Pelican Sling'

After spending Christmas at home in the States, my family and I returned to Spain for the second time since we fell in love with this country last summer. Even in the middle of winter, the weather is mild and full of sunshine everyday. We traveled to the southern region, in Sevilla, and spent a few days again in Madrid and Barcelona. I got to recuperate my relationship with the fresh food markets, meaning tapas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

I wore this outfit several times during the trip. My family is a super light packer, and we managed to fit all of our stuff in one carry on baggage for the entire week. Every time we pass through customs, the officer is impressed. slash suspicious. lol. 

I feel fully recharged and inspired for the new year. I'm extremely, extremely, extremely grateful for my family and the amazing places that I'm able to travel to. Feasting all the beautiful sights, tasting new foods, and meeting people is my brain food. Before I graduate university, I want to be able to try everything. I feel like the safety net of being a student will allow me to experiment before going out into the real world of making a living. I'll have to be smart with my time, but I'm just really excited to see what 2015 has in store. I know there will be many changes ahead, especially with graduating my pre-university program and moving to a new apartment! 

Happy New year to all, stay inspired and motivated!

xo, Dahye

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