San Fran Day Two

Here is my second post of my trip to San Francisco. We hit all of the tourist destinations!

Golden Gate Bridge! So picturesque with the mountains in the background.
The thing next to me looks like a robot's face! :P

Jacket: Express
Skirt: Gap
Scarf: H&M

Sadly my camera died so I couldn't take pictures of Ghiradelli Square or Sausalito. At least I got the Golden Gate right?

Hope you guys had a great Monday!


Bravoe Runway said...

San Fran brings back such great memories! I was there a few years ago but it is such a fantastic city! I love LOVE your skirt :)

ShinyPrettyThings said...

wow you got lucky!! it's such a clear day that day. usually it's so damn foggy it's hard to see the Golden Gate here. glad u liked SF! :D

cryskay said...

i love kara's cupcakes! yum. xx

Katie said...

ohh looks lovely!! i'm going to SF for the first time next easter & i can't WAIT!

Katie x

Cindy said...

your outfit is so cute! SF looks absolutely amazing!!!!

Vera said...

Nice post and pictures!


Melissa Tchieu said...

U look like ure having a blast there. I MISS SF!


A. said...

Usa! I want to go there one day :)

Leisy said...

Thanks for your comment beauty - Yeahhh I hate it too...it's so cold in Germany ...it's horrible :( Argh I've never been to San Francisco :( Hope you had fun :)


Sarah Mendelsohn said...

love these photographs! i really want to go to san fran. love your outfit as well, great blog!!

x sarah

SANDRA said...

Great photos! ;)

Anonymous said...

haha it DOES look a little bit like a robot huh? lolol. Very cute outfit hun, I liked how you've coordinated with the brown =) Boooo about the ding camera, absolutely HATE when that happens and it happens quite often for me lol so now I carry an extra charger with me everywhere! haha


Leah said...

Love the view from the top of that road! Next stop on my travels, San Fran!

xo L.

Lauren-Ella said...

I love your skirt! I never really shop in Gap, but I might have to have a cheeky browse :)



MB_ said...

You make great pictures! Like your outfit :)



Yolandaas said...

Aw thanks for your comment... Great photos.. I really like your blog x

The New Girl In Town said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Nice pictures. I would love to go to San Francisco as well:).

xx Laura

roha said...

i love your outfit - and your smile as well! :)
thanks for your lovely comment - want to follow each other?? i do already.
xx romi


So lucky of you to be able to witness all of that. I totally wish I can fly there this instant!

xx, http://in-heelsandwedges.blogspot.com/

Tili and Eve said...

hi from new follower :)
great blog and post, too
check my blog out :)

Alina said...

Nice pictures!
Thank you for your lovely comment!


Alex said...

Thanks :). Looks like a lovely trip here!!
Keep in touch

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