Ya gotta have some friends...

This post is so overdue. Whenever I get together with my friends, nothing is ever planned. We are very random, loud, and, I think, quite hilarious. We belt out to Adele, camp in the backyard, and binge on frozen pizza. We took these pictures together after a sleepover during the summer. We were bored and didn't have a ride to go anywhere, so what else to do but have a photoshoot?!


Shout out to these girls, love you!!!


Tatiana B. said...

Hi dear, very nice photos!
Thx u so much for the comment u left on my post, I really appreciated!!!
Now I'm following your blog, please follow mine back!


Katja said...

These photos are so pretty!


Paola Gallardo said...

Great photoshoot, it's the funniest thing to do with friends.

fashion meets art said...

wow, what a lovely post. nice idea. your girlfriends are happy to have you :)
thanks for your comment dear- it means so much for me. i'm following you now. hope you'll follow back. if you can't see the google member box, please press F5! wish you a wonderful day.
maren anita


ps: nice idea with this mirror!

Babe Jane said...

lovely pictures :)

Bad Joan said...

cool pictures!


Wida said...

Awwh, these are very cute photos! Looks like a fun time!

Missing Amsie Blog

ML said...

Nice photos :) There is nothing comparing having fun with friends =)
Thanks for your comment.
Have a spectacular day,


losaway said...

thanks for your comment!
love your blog, follow you!
follow me too? :)


Claire Vázquez said...

Hey sweet! did not know you but I really like your blog! now you're going to see much here!
I invite you to visit the mine and follow me if you like.!

a kiss Claire.

Leah Olion said...

lol this sounds like me and my friends! i love Adele also !
lovely blog


Ulrika said...

Great post ! I love the picture with the mirror, hope you don't mind if I use it in some of my photoshoots :)


little henry lee said...

aww, the little puppy is so cute!

Sparkles & Chic said...

Creative and pretty photos!
It's always a blast spending time with girl friends. =)

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