Hey everyone!

I have a three-day week today. No school Thursday and Friday. Yes!! But the bummer is that I have an AP unit test on Monday, so I still have to study over the weekend. I think it is odd to have a big test on Mondays. Well, I won't complain. More study time I guess!

Today, I wore a pretty edgy outfit. My friend got me this amazing choker necklace from H&M for my birthday. I love this thing! It's so simple, but really unique. I built my outfit around this piece.

I wore black booties, and white socks peeking out of them.

Necklace: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Black button up: H&M

Thank you so much for stopping by. Comment below!
Chokers: yay or nay?


Isabel said...

Love the necklace!



Great Outfit i like it ! My fav are the necklace + black is beautiful .....Denise

SANDRA said...

I also didn't go to school at Friday. I really like your necklace! ;)

Lilith said...

Great look, I love the statement necklace


karen said...

Really cute and definitely a Yay =)


♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Hi :)
Looove your outfit & your choker!!
I love your black button shirt ?, it really goes nicely with your choker. :D
I think chokers like these, in simple, modern designs are cool, the chokers from the 90's are a HELL NO! :D LOL

Thanks so much for your comment on my outfit post! :D

-Eliza :)

Anonymous said...

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Ly said...

OMG I need that necklace. It's so perfect.


WasteOfSpace said...

Thanks !
You're really beautifull !

Isabel Rose said...

gorgeous outfit, the choker is beautiful!

Babe Jane said...

lovel youtfit! :)

A Certain Vintage said...

i love the necklace, it references chokers without being too scary looking! Can't believe you found it in h&m.
you look great :)

Tidbits of Addiction said...

hey girl thank for visiting my blog. i like the necklace against the all black outfit. chic!


Clara Turbay said...

Lovely. if you have time i hope you come and check out my blog.


jamie said...

oh! yes, girl. i love your new accessory :)

xx jamie

Color Standards said...

very cute, the blazer is fab

Anonymous said...

oooh. love your blog so much!!
And I love this post really.)

Can you answer on my question?

What is your favorite place on earth and why?
It s really intresting for me, becaurse I love travaling and photo.)

Clara said...

Locely look!
Have a nice weekend!


Hong Nhung Ta said...


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