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The deed is done. My hair is back to my black roots! It actually turned out a lot darker than I expected, or maybe I'm just not used to seeing myself with this shade. Either way, I love the change.

I got this faux leather peplum top, and could not resist pairing it with faux leather shorts. I feel like a spy or something. I wish I had a better background, because the nature-y trees does not really correlate with this edgy outfit. The weather was also amazingly warm today, in the mid 70s! Yay, summer is well on its way!!!

p.s. Shout out to my "#1 fan" who also has this top. ;)

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Jacqueline said...

very very pretty top. I'm not a fan of the peplum trend, but the faux leather with the cut out details is lovely.

Lauren said...

Awesome outfit!!! Love the black and white xo

Caroline said...

Great oufit! The cut outs on the top are perfect. I also love your blazer. I'm in serious need of a white blazer!

~ Caroline

Andreita said...

You look awesome!! , love your outfit!!


♥ Natalie said...

Wow, it looks so good with the white blazer <3

Pamplemousse said...

Really nice! I love it!


jackysvision said...

love your beautiful outfit girl


Fashionista Chloë said...

I love your outfit!

MakeupProgression said...


Lala H said...

love the all black look

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Irene Angelina said...

Hey dahye,
thankyou for your comment, I really appreciate it :)

You're on my sister age, oh how I'm sooo aching to back to seventeen! They're like the-golden-age. hahaha

By the way, I am having a big crush on leather-y thingy too ;) and just found a perfect piece of faux leather legging after searching for a longgg time. You look georgeous there! :D

Followed you! :)


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