rainy day

 Trench coat, Gap____Green sweater, Forever21____Denim circle skirt, American Apparel____Boots, Banana Republic____Knee High Socks, tj Maxx____Bag, Vintage Coach

 Nothing brightens up a rainy day like this vibrant yellow trench coat. I've had this coat for years, and the great thing about a trench is that it never goes out of style. But really, the most exciting part of this outfit is the umbrella. During my latest Target run, I found this transparent bell-shaped umbrella. I got so excited about it because I've been looking for one exactly like this for a while. Now, I look forward to rainy days so that I can use this awesome umbrella! (could I be any weirder...)

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Isa said...

I have been wanting an umbrella JUST like that for forever! Where did you get it?! I also love your boots & coat, but please do tell me where I can get that umbrella!


Tian said...

I absolutely love the jacket and the boots! Very cute look. :)


devil-wears-gabbana said...

You are so stunning here!:)
I want an umbrella like yours,but I can't find it anywhere in my city! :(

Have a great weekend,

Ice Pandora said...

I have a transparent
umbrella as well c:
You look very stylish!
Love the super yellow


chocolatefashioncoffee said...

you look amazing! love the colors :)


Johanna V said...

Such a cute, colorful outfit :) ♥ xo

cecylia said...

what a gorgeous outfit- love the colours especially the yellow coat!

mish berries said...

Hahaa I actually like transparent umbrellas as well because one, it does not hinder where you are going and two, it looks so cute and nice but only if the weather allows it. I mean transparent umbrella under hot bright sun just don't cut it :<

I LOVE your bright yellow trench coat! Makes me feel happy just by looking at it and you did really seem to be having fun under the rain hehehe <3

Happy Easter! <3


Roxii said...

That's a gorgeous coat!!

Nina Rachel said...

your jacket is such a statement against that rainy weather! loving it:)

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

So cute! I'm totally in love with that coat!

anettzhh said...

love that umbrella ! <3

Mira said...

Love the colour of your jacket!

Traveling in Flats said...

I love that denim circle skirt! I've been looking for a cheap one since the one they sell at AA is pretty pricey. I can't believe they have it at Forever 21!
This is a great colorful look to wear when it's dark and gloomy!


Sarvin Sidhu said...

love the jacket! :D


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