outfit with flower crown

 Flower headband, DIY____Floral jumper, American Apparel____Skirt, Forever21____Knee high socks, Tj Maxx____Bag, Thrifted____Rings, DIY dainty rings

Yay, here I am wearing my flower crown! It's quite large, and I feel like a little garden is growing on my head. Let's just hope I don't attract any bees.

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♥ Natalie said...

So beautiful!! Lovely outfit <3

Stephanie Huang said...

you gorgeous girl - i love how this is monochrome and then there is this lovely pop of red with the flower crown <3 great outfit! xx

High-Stitched Voice

Lalaine said...

love the colors and your make-up is so simply gorgeous!


Novarinna Tan said...

From head to toe.. Cute + Perfect !!

Chic Swank

Roxii said...

I really want that floral jumper, so cute!!


Arden said...

Your accessories totally are divine!! Oh, the rings! xx

mish berries said...

Hey Dahye,

You are ADORABLE! I mean both your looks and your fashion sense! I especially love the Jet Black post where you have super straight hair, I think it looks awesome on you, so hot! *shizzle!* Hahaha <3

Thanks for dropping by my blog love! I've followed you on GFC <3 Hope to see you back on mine so that we could catch up with each other soon!

P/s: I love that flower garland on your head and yes, I hope it doesn't attract bees >D


mish berries said...

And of course, BlogLovin and Twiter >D

Anonymous said...




Monja said...

just beautiful! xo

Joyce said...

The flower crown is so gorgeous and I LOVE your pretty top!

Katrina said...

love the jumper and the headband together! perfect combo!

Jane said...

Aww haha it really is like a cute little garden at the top of your head!

Elana said...

How cute are you?? This flower crown is to-die-for and I love the contrast of it against the leather skirt. Definitely a new follower! :)

Johanna V said...

You're adorable! I love everything about this look ♥ xo

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