Bye Google Friend Connect... BUT STAY CONNECTED!

Not the best news but...

Google is getting rid of GFC! I heard this news just a few days ago, and had a mini heart attack. But it is not the end of the world, because there are many other platforms we can stay connected with:

6. Instagram: @heydahye

Here is the link to how to import all the blogs you follow on Google Reader to Bloglovin' (CLICK HERE)

Hope these links help you to stay in touch!

xo, Dahye


gita felinda said...

We can connect with pinterest too.
Hope you foolme back in Bloglovin n twitter :)

#Zosia# said...

nice photo ;)
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Claudina said...

Amazing blog! Would you like follow each other?

Reneta Kanevska said...

White is definitely a top trend for this season! Love this outfit! xx Followed your blog!

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cuteNroll said...

cool outfit and lovely blog

alice c'n'r

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