who wears short shorts

Shorts, Thrifed____Jean jacket, American Eagle____Tank top, Forever21____Shoes, Gap____Bag, thrifted____Watch, Target____Sunglasses, Ray Ban

Summer is in full swing, and the heat is showing no mercy. This outfit is my holy grail when it comes to summer style: high waisted shorts and a tank top. I got the jeans that I am wearing from a thrift store a few days ago and cut them into shorts. I know, it's an overdone DIY, but it literally costs me $5 compared to ones they sell at Urban Outfitters for $50+ dollars. I'm not hating on UO, because I freaking love that store, but seriously, save your self some cash and go on a little hunt at the thrift store! But I've noticed that even the thrift stores are raising their prices on stuff, probably because "thrifting" is cool now. (Thanks, Macklemore.) Even just two years ago, everything literally used to be like three dollars or less... oh the good old days. 

After posting this, I am leaving for a weekend-long summer camp. I am looking forward to wearing crappy t-shirts everyday, getting a ridiculous tan, and taking a short break from the internet. It's going to be old-fashioned fun in the sun!

xo, Dahye

p.s. That is my neighbor's cat in the last picture from my previous post. 

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MuShii said...

Your shorts are well done ! And your outfit is simple, but pretty !

Is your neighbor's car hurt on the back ?

Sarah Boast said...

Hey I really love these shorts. I don't usually wear short shorts but I like how these ones aren't really fitted. i'm def going to take a look at Thrifted now! Thanks, sarah x


Jenelle Smit said...

I like the denim on denim-esp with the different colours.
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mafalda. said...

so perfect! <3


Crystal Chizoba said...

I love your style & your blog! So cute!! :)

Hope you're having a Fierce & Fabulous Thursday!

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Jacqueline said...

nice little cut out at the bottom of your shirt, really cute detail!

Caroline said...

Such a great look! I love the cut out in the back. It is such an easy and appropriate way to cool down and show some skin.

~ Caroline

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit for the summer! I love this Ms. Dahye! Have a great weekend! :)

Dhika said...

Hi Dahye, Thank you for your comment on my blog.. Nice to know you :)

Btw, i love your top, esp. the cut on the back.. so cute :3

Kirtana John said...

Hey, awesome post...love it!
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natalia wijaya said...

Love your tank top! you're so pretty!
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Marika said...

Really cool urban-chic look! I love it!
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Fash Boulevard said...

Love those denim shorts. I've been searching for the perfect summer pair lately. :)
I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post.


Joyce said...

I love your cute shorts and your sandals are awesome! Such a perfect look for a super hot day.

Hoa-Hong said...

love how relaxed this outfit looks :D

Jannine Bandiola said...

Hi Dahye! Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog! Would you kike to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. I love your style :D

ColourMeIn SC said...

I love this simple look, and totally agree about 'thrifting'! Have fun:) x

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