Casual Pictures

It is the parade/fair season! And I took some pics that I want to share!
Above: Necklace; Forever21
Floral tank top: GAP
Sunglasses:  Kenneth Cole

Now, this rabbit looks like it has eyeliner on. Taylor Momsen rabbit form?!

Definitely not a morning rooster...

Balloon maker!!


Cheese curds! I only eat them when I get a random craving, otherwise I think it's kind of gross...

Do you like cheese curds/other fried fair foods? Comment below! Hope you had a good weekend. :)


Andrea said...

Your necklace is so beautiful. I love the goth bunny too, I am trying to convince my boyfriend to buy me one!

Wrinkle In Time Vintage said...

Love all your photos, and your blog header is gorgeous!

-Laura xox

GabrielaBertha said...

nice post!
thanks for your sweet comment.

mind to follow each other?
xoxo, blushinglady

Jen Hatesu said...

can't remember for sure whether I've been to a fair like this, it's been so long!

I like your blog! Love that you're into fashion early on. Want to "follow" each other? Is that how the blog world works?

and what's a cheese curd?

:] PhoenixAnd5th.blogspot.com
Thanks for visiting!

Style Dilettante said...

Are you kidding? I LOVE cheese curds! Love the squeaky texture when you bite into them!! You have a beautiful blog and I adore your header!!! Going to follow... may I make a small suggestion? Try enlarging your photos - you have a great eye and I would love to get a better sense of the subject! Just a thought...


WatermelonBoats said...

I rarely go to the fairground so unfortunately no, but I love cheese if that counts? :D
Your photos are amazing! I love your blog <3

Look at mine if you want? I love fashion and I'm going to start posting photos, I only just started my blog today though haha :)


Christine said...

great photos! I love your necklace :)

thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :)

My Stylish Little Secret said...

thanks for your sweet comment... I love your necklace.. this looks like a lot of fun



Preity Lama Tamang said...

Beautiful pictures!! love ur necklace!!

Em said...

Awesome pictures!


Dale said...

What a cute post, I've actually never heard of cheese curds hehe. I like curly fries and candy apples at fairs. :) This post is making me want to go to one before summer is over

Thanks for your sweet comment too

Jessica Nielsen said...

Great blog! ;)
Thanks for the comment at my blog!
You wanna follow each other?



Grace said...

These pictures are awesome!!!
Thanks for your comment, and yes I would like to follow each other but :( I'll follow you as soon as possible, since google friend connect isn't working :|
I hope it's ok with you..?

Desiree♥ said...

the place look fun! wish i could go!
i love ur blog! do you want to follow each other?
i followed urs! follow me back :)

Marella Ricketts said...

Cute outfit! looked like you had a great time! xx


Luciana.18 said...

Great pictures :)
Your necklace is so beautiful!

Camylla Leonardi said...

I love your necklace. It really brought your whole outfit together!

Such a cute blog, Follow each other? <3

Lots of Love,

Bonnie said...

I love the vintage feel of these pictures. It looks like an old-time fair, which I adore. It looks like you had a great weekend!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Rachel McCallion said...

Thanks so much for your comment :) Lovely photos!


Anonymous said...

Lovely Pictures! : ) Youre necklace is beautiful.
And your header is great!

Check out our blog: http://cinderellaalert.blogspot.com/

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Aww, that bunny is so cute! :3

D'Simone said...

i love this necklace! i actually heard about your blog from carol on claires.com you guys did a great post together. any ways follow my blog http://hairfashionation.blogspot.com

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