Some purr-fect Backpacks

SO, school is back and I need a backpack.
Here is what I found:

Pierre Hardy $1650
So I won't be carrying any textbooks in this Pierre Hardy backpack anytime soon, but I absolutely love it! 
Now I found this backpack from Dailyshop.com for about $40. I love the pop of leopard and the fringe! So the price is okay, but it's definitely not functional for school purposes! :/

So, BINGO! This Jansport backpack is about $35 and it's totally cute. And talk about functional! I think my textbooks would approve.

What do you think about leopard backpacks? Comment below! Thanks for stopping by :)


lizchewy said...

Hi dear!!

I am such a big leopard print lover so if you put leopard print on anything I am going to think it's super cute. LOL... I really like the first one!!



Poppy said...

Hey! Lovely blog :)
CHeck mine out ?!
Love the third bag by the way :)
Poppy http://poppydoes.blogspot.com/

Kate L. said...

The first one is amazing. I really like it. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

Fashion Cat

Flora said...

Love the first one, it's gorgeous!!

nice blog, keep it up! ^^


Temporary:Secretary said...

I love these backpacks! I have seen lots of floral and tapestry ones too, really pretty. I will get myself one soon, add it to my bag collection! :) xxx

Desiree♥ said...

hey! lovely blog you have here!
imma follow you and linked you!
will really appreciate it if you follow and linked me back!

Sophie said...

Great backpacks :) I'm currently looking into purchasing one


Shervin Nassi said...

AMazingly radical stuff!! really liking your blog!
thanks for checking mine out!! hope you follow our blog we are giving away some really cool vintage dresses just for following!!


Patricia Paramo said...

backpacks are very in right now...not just for school anymore!


Paola said...

answer:thank you so much for your lovely comment!;D
I'm really happy you visit my blog;D


sisilia andreas said...

thanks for your comment :)

Tootsie Jean said...

I'm not a huge fan of backpacks. But I like these bags for the prints


Katie said...

Love the jansport! xo

Grace said...

Leopard? It's so cool!!! :D
Love the last backpack!

Grazziella said...

I want the first one !! love them
Great post
Peace n' Kisses

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