the red skinny

I'm slowly going to have to get used to the fact that I have to say goodbye to wearing short shorts in the summer pretty soon, but these red jeans are definitely making the farewell easier. I honestly am loving this color! Because the redness is very out there in itself, I paired it with a very loose simple silk shirt. The jeans are from Polo Ralph Lauren, from their Rugby collection which is now long gone. I actually bought these pair at the Polo Factory Outlet store last year, so they couldn't have costed too much!!! Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE outlet shopping?! Anyyyways, I kept the jewelry to a minimum as well: I didn't even wear any earrings! (Gasp!)
I rolled the sleeves up and tucked only the front.
What made this outfit and topped it off perfectly were these red frame sunglasses from H&M. They were sooo cheap, that I'm pretty sure there not doing anything to protect my eyes from UV rays and stuff, but EH. I love 'em.
And for accessories: Big red stone ring & Brown strap watch from Target.
I also wore a red lip tint and loosely curled my hair.

Woahhh I look tan. (Its just the saturation...)
So that was my outfit post of the day. I hope you guys are enjoying the sun and comment below :)


Katherine said...

I love these red pants! They fit you perfectly - I am jealous because I have been looking for the perfect pair. Gorgeous and thank you for sharing :)

Carol said...

KIARA!! love the pants! I def need to get some! I just read in seventeen magazine about the read jean trend!

Pamplemousse said...

Very pretty!

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