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Hey everyone,

We made it to April! Congratulations to those who survived another cold winter. My friends who live up North went through a brutal winter this year, and they even had a snow day off of school for the first time in like six years. That's crazy!! I'm seriously so so happy spring is here. Here are some items I can't wait to wear in the warm weather. :)

 The cutest bikini, ever, from American Apparel. A reader pointed this out to me, but I realized that I have a lot of rose chiffon clothing. I can't get enough of this gorgeous fabric!

 This crochet crop top from Forever21 screams summer music festivals and pool lounging. 

 Sheer chiffon button with a crochet collar? This top was made for me! (from A&F)

 These tiffany blue oxfords just make me so happy. It was the last pair left at Nordstrom Rack. Score!

 Finally, I found a pair of aviators from Chloe that are casual enough for everyday wear, but are nice enough be worn with fancy outfits. The leather trimmings and gold rims sold me. And the case is also so cute!

 My sister got me this gorgeous lavender cross-body bag from J.Crew last Christmas. It has been sitting patiently in my closet, because I have been saving it for warmer weather! But seriously though, the color is stunning. 

Last, but not least, is my new camera! After much research, and reading reviews, I decided to upgrade to the Canon T3i. My close friend also has this camera, and so that helped me to decide on the T3i. (The T4i and the 60D were contenders.) This baby came in the mail on Monday, and the picture quality is incredible! I just love how it focuses on the subject, and blurs the background beautifully. I have been playing around with the settings, and learning how to use a DSLR for the first time. (I'm getting fancy y'all...) I'm still waiting on another lens to arrive in the mail, which I'm looking forward to trying out because I heard it takes great fashion blog photos. I'm super excited to take this camera with me when I travel this summer, and I'm the image quality on my blog will improve a lot!

Spring break is next week... I can barely contain my excitement!!!

Hope you are all having a fab day. :)

p.s. I would really appreciate any DSLR photography tips! 

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Caroline said...

Love Love Love that J.Crew bag! It will be so perfect for spring. The color is just gorgeous!

~ Caroline

Milex said...

You really know what works for you

Jem said...

Holy smokes - literally in love with every single item in this post! :) This is totally up my alley in terms of style. :)


GitaRegina said...

OMG THOSE BIKINI ARE SUPERB!! They are so lovely, you're making me want to buy it successfully dear
come and see my blog if you have time :D


Isa said...

The colors are beautiful and sunny and lovely! You are so ready for a breezy summer :)


Anonymous said...

I love every single new item... Chloe sunnies look amazing!!


Carmen said...

Really lovely stuff and great pics :)

Rose said...

Omg that flowery bikini from AA is amazing!!!!

Rose xo

mish berries said...

I love all things rose too and yes, that is one of the cutest bikini I have ever seen, and I really like the see through top that you've got!

Wow having a day off from school cause of the brutal weather sounds really bad ._. Hope your friend up North is having better weather now <3

Aww yay to more and better pictures! Did you name your baby yet? =P


Lisa Yang said...

LOVE the bikini!


Regine Karpel said...

Can't decide which I like more!

Amanda Massie said...

OMG! So glad you found my blog. FIrst off, I am obsessed with that bikini. Second, I just got that same exact camera! I barely know how to use it though since I have only had it for a week or so. What new lens are you getting for blogging? I would love to know!

Xo, Amanda


Mitzee Mandocdoc said...

Everything is so cute, especially your shoes! :) xx



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