wear your hearts on your knees

Knee heart tights

Floral jumper + clutch + shoes, American Apparel____knee heart tights, Aldo____Casio watch

Photos by Camille

Just when I thought it was time to put away the shorts, the weather suddenly warmed up! As you can see, I have a very summer-y outfit on, despite the fact that it is the end of September. Speaking of being the end of September, am I the only one who is freaked out by how fast it flew by? I have midterms this whole week, which means half of the semester is already done. That is pure craziness. 

In between studying for midterms and working, I managed to squeeze in lunch and a blog shoot with Camille! I always look forward to our "blogger dates," as we always find a new place to take pictures and grab a bite. Today, we headed to Chinatown and ate some awesome Chinese food. (duh) We stuffed ourselves with dim sum, won tons, and chow mein. And of course, you can't leave Chinatown without bubble tea! (And yes, I specifically got strawberry bubble tea to match my shorts. #bloggerpriorities)

I should get back to studying now...

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

xo, Dahye

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Nuris Ely Setyo said...

you mix it well...specially I like your jumper n shorts


Andrea Hinostroza said...

Awww! So lovely!!! <3


cyeoms said...

haha of course your drink must match your outfit! very cute. it's so nice to have blogger friends to exchange photos by, i think they are the only ones who understand sometimes xx

Fabulous Perks said...

Love this!!


obat sinusitis said...

i like it

andysparkles said...

adorable look, love the tights and the skirt! perfect combo.


Sam said...

This is sooo cute! I love those tights.


krystal ♥ said...

This is such a sweet outfit ! Specially love the jumper ! ^___^


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