MTL Fashion Week #SMM 2013: Martin Lim

The final show I attended during Montreal Fashion Week was Martin Lim. Most of the collection was black and white perfection, but the final gown was a splash of color. His clothes are all about movement, and the train of the gown flowed like the jellyfish imprinted on the front. It was a beautiful collection, and a great way to end Montreal fashion week!

xo, Dahye

*all photos taken and edited by me. Please link back to my blog if you want to use them!
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Rubies and Emeralds said...

Gorg post! I could look at these clothes allll day!


LoveYourEgo said...

I really like this collection. It has such a nice feel to it though it's not your typical summer/spring kind of look. :-)


Lucia Y said...

Awesome photos, you must have had such a good time!
Lucia's Loves

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