White Interior for Small Spaces

All images from Pinterest

I think this post is very appropriate for today, since it is the day after Labour day. Although it is not an all-white outfit post, it is all about white interior design ideas. I moved into a new apartment with my sister two days ago, so I've been pinning inspiration pictures like a madwoman. The space is pretty tiny, so a white interior would at least make it visually larger. I got all of my furniture today, and I'm so ready to make this place "my own!" This is the time when Ikea is a godsend. 

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend!

xo, Dahye

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Ice Pandora said...

Very inspiring interior pictures c;
But I need color in my life so
I would definitely add something


Cailin´s Place said...

such a great post!love the white!kisses!

Winnie said...

Oh I would love a place of my own!

Arden said...

Oh my gosh, would love to put all of these rooms together and make it into my house. Thanks for sharing! xx

Fanny Yuniar said...

that's great!

Brenda evans said...

awesome interiors <3


Bel said...

I love this white interior! White aways makes rooms look so pure, big and chic at the same time!

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